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He makes a good point about humility.

I agree! The book is also available on Kindle through It is an excellent resource!  

Indeed, he's a terrific addition to the atheist community. Love listening to him do interviews, most recently heard him on a podcast (Cognitive Dissonance I think it was) where he was so grateful that the hosts actually read the book.

He explained that his book is the most illegally downloaded e-book or something. Which frustrates him to no end- he says it's his life's work; it represents a lot of time taken away from his wife and kids; it's only $9.99 for crying out loud; and it's definitely the only book of its kind, and there are no studies done before about the effects of epistemology on faith.

Best thing about my dreadful job is that I can listen to YouTube all day (with earbuds of course.) I do have to be careful that my cube-neighbors don't notice what it is I'm listening to- The Atheist Experience and the like! If you want more, just search YouTube for his name, and others like Richard Dawkins, Penn Jillette, Sam Harris, Matt Dillahunty, Christopher Hitchens, oh and AronRa- he's impressive and crazy-educated about evolution.


I made a Peter Boghossian group.  Hoping to have discussions there about Socratic method and other things PB.

There's a Facebook group for PB's Socratic method.  There's a lot of intelligent discussion there, and people treat each other well. 

I mentioned PB's Manual for Creating Atheists in a non-atheist forum, and I got a very negative reaction.  "That's so fucking arrogant", etc. etc.  But it isn't.  Actually, trying to stimulate questioning in other people cultivates sensitivity and gentleness and non-dogmatism. 

Thanks :)  I'm working on my technique on Youtube.  But the religious people one encounters on Youtube are different from the garden variety going around on the street.  Many are more educated and perhaps more intelligent - but they have used their education to rationalize their beliefs.

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