From the beginning of civilizations, many religions and beliefs were developed, and they have evolved where the old ones were disproved. The  most dominant Abrahamic faiths are Christianity, Islam , and Judaism and the eastern are Buddhism, Hinduism these days. And till this day they still argue and fight for which one is the right one. In my opinion I did the right choice choosing atheism.

       During my early teen years I was very religious I became a fundamentalist Muslim due to the influence of my family, neighbors and school I believed that islam was the only true religion and all other religions were false , but at the age of seventeen I didn’t find any reasonable evidence to back-up islam. The first reason is that , Islam tells us that pleasing yourself sexually is a sin , but according to medicine and to my observations it relieves stress, depression , enhances your concentration, and decreases the chance of getting cervical or prostate cancer and the degeneration of neurons. The second reason is that , which faith is the right one? What if I was worshipping a false god? And what about the historic gods like Thor, Zeus, El.  The third and most important reason is that, if god knows your future thus he knows that you’re going to hell for example, then why this life and what is free-will? The fourth reason, why do I have to hate Christians and Jews for not being Muslim? The fifth reason is that religion contradicts science like evolution, natural selection, and the big bang theory, also it is mentioned in the Koran that there is a sea the first half is fresh water , and the other half is salty and that they don’t mix , that contradicts the principles of physics and chemistry, and that if god created Adam and Eve  and they had children so the brother and sisters had to have sexual intercourse with each other when this results in deformed offsprings but we their future generations are not deformed. The sixth reason is that , why are some people who have strong faith in god have depressing lives or children born with cancer or diabetes or retarded why are there so many people dying in Syria right now and god doesn’t do anything to help them. The seventh reason is that, the hadith tells us that if you fast Ramadan it strengthens your immune system, but on the contrary it has many adverse health effects like dehydration , weakening of the immune system , migranes , nausea , increased starvation , and even worse during iftar you gorge like a beast which causes to disruptions in the digestive system. The eighth reason is that , it restricts human and women’s rights for human rights you must be stoned if you commit adultery , or get killed if you left a religion and restricts freedom of choice and expression; and with respect to women’s right they must cover their bodies and faces and also they are sexually objectified especially in isalmic societies and that their men should beat their wives if the disobeyed them.

         In brief , I made a right choice to be an atheist, since there is not any good evidence to believe in a god. I hope that in the future religion fades away from people’s mind. I recommend for religious people to think critically and not shove their beliefs down others throat.      

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Fact: it is difficult to "choose" islam in an environment where that is all you see.  You were surrounded with that tradition, which makes choice borderline meaningless.  When your understanding and intellectual maturity had grown to a point where you could evaluate not just islam but all religions, you doubtless noticed something missing in all of them: CREDIBILITY!

Welcome to the gang, IP.  We're glad you joined us!

That's a reasoned, well written essay. I enjoyed reading it. The supernatural does not exist.




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