ever since i found myself, life seems to be without purpose, i left with barely no morals and nothing to look for in life , since its fragile and reduced to survival. was religion helpful in its little way?

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What "purpose" do you need other than your own life? Its worthwhile unless you are an absolute scum of the earth, which I doubt you are or you wouldn't be asking the question. You need to "buck up" and say to yourself, "Hey, my life is worth living and I don't need some big Invisible Daddy in the sky to to give it purpose."
All life or just your life seems to be without purpose?

If your individual life seems to be without purpose I'd suggest you take a look around at all the lives that you have ever touched. As an individual you life isn't purposeless. It is filled with purpose. All you have to do is sit down and think of what you want the result of your life to be.

The purpose of life in general as I see it is for the universe to know itself. The universe didn't start or wasn't designed with this purpose in mind it just so happened upon this purpose when the first sentient/scientific/technological beings evolved into existence. We have a tendency to forget that the universe isn't just something that exists out there. We are the universe, all of the molecules in our bodies were born out of the death of stars billions of years ago and those molecules *momentarily comes together to be you.*

Anyways... I really hope you discover a purpose for yourself. If this is something that is causing you great stress and depression I do think seeing someone (psychologist/therapist) might be beneficial.

The words between ** are taken from Richard Dawkins.
You should look up Symphony of Science on You Tube.
Most of us create our own purposes and determine our own morals. Religion teaches morals based on a concept of fear rather than ethics. Without getting too into philosophy, Kant has a principle that works quite well. If you go to take an action you're unsure about, imagine if it would work if the whole world did it. Or just put yourself in the shoes of the people who may receive the consequences of your action.

As for purpose, mine is to try to learn as much as I can about anything I can while I'm in school. I want to work in a prison populace to try to positively affect society by reducing recidivism and learning more about the causes behind maladaptive behaviors that result in that person ending up in prison. Because I learn so much random stuff, I end up sharing with others what I've learned, and I have an influence on their education, leaving a mark of me behind.
Welcome to the light Damien. You're just having what spiritual mumbo-jumbo heads describe as "the dark night of the soul". Trust me. It will pass. It is akin to being left at pre-school all alone for the first time without your mom. You need to start building some faith in yourself, and if you're really brave, your fellow man. As a start, you may want to join our African members -


Now that your free, things can only get better.
Are you passionate about anything? If so, perhaps there is the beginning of purpose and meaning.

As for morals; I personally live by the maxim - do no harm to myself and or others unless absolutely necessary for the survival of me or my family. Also the "golden rule" is not necessarily bad just because it is supposedly christian in origin.

As atheists we can still look through our old religion (if we had one) and any other philosophy and religion for that matter and retain what is useful to us without the superstition and attendant baggage that comes with it.

I wish you the best on your journey.




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