Ethical Conundrum question on hell and who deserves it

I would love to hear how a religious person might answer this question. I know this isn't the best place to ask this since It's an atheist site and I'm an atheist myself. I was raised a Catholic however and I'm sure many people here were raised Christian/Catholic and can speak to that without all the indoctrination which is what I need.

The bible says "the fool has said in his heart there is no god. He is a wicked abomination and can do no good." (paraphrased) I'm sure we've all heard this before right? Let's also assume that, as many Christians would say, there are no last minute 'changies' once you die and god is standing there saying " I you feel like an idiot right now!" Of course, they say this because they want people to buy into their BS and give their monies during this life and not wait to see for themselves whether it's all nonsense.

Ok, onto the question. It's multi-part. A twofer if you will.

1. people are born into countries that are not only non-christian, but are vehemently anti-christian. In these countries (such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc) you are indoctrinated at a young age into Islam. You are taught at a young age that Christians are infidels and that Jewish people are essentially Satan incarnate. You are taught religion in school and are force fed a constant stream of Islamic ideology. In many of these countries, Christians are persecuted and, often times, being christian is illegal and can lead to imprisonment or even death. It's safe to assume that it would be very difficult to 'choose' to be christian in such a society. So, let's say, for the sake of argument, that the people in these countries do not freely choose, in the normal sense of the word, to become Islamic as the choice is essentially made for them at birth. OK, onto the question.

2: given all that, is it OK to believe that these people deserve to burn in hell for all eternity over something they essentially had no say in? Furthermore, is god him/her/itself not also partially guilty for setting up what is essentially entrapment. No human makes the decision of what country, city, family they are born into. It's a total crap shoot. Well, it's a crap shoot unless you believe in god and his 'master plan'. God would essentially have decided, most likely at the beginning of time, where and to whom we would be born. God could easily prove Christianity to be correct and effectively destroy competing religions. However, he allows them to exist and places people into societies that indoctrinate their citizens into false religions thereby dooming them to an eternal hellfire for which there is no recourse.

Can someone people explain this to me? To me it sounds monstrous. Yet, I keep hearing people say it's actually love. Are all the dictionaries I own wrong? Either that, or I'm really bad and interpreting definitions and need some schooling.

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I asked those questions of my fundie parents, long ago when I lived in their house, but all I got for an answer was that I had to pray much more and to submit to the divine wisdom. Xtians hate questions about their invisible friends.

In my parents' church there were people who broke contact with children who developed an opinion of their own. My parents didn't do that, they just started to nag when one of their children showed up - they called that xtian love and acceptance...




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