The TV is all about Eunice Shriver's death early this morning. For our Aussie / international members, Eunice was the sister of John F Kennedy, and the founder of The Special Olympics. A woman who did much good. She was 88 yrs old.

Since her admission to the hosptal some days ago the death watch began. The family issued messages thanking everyone for their "prayers". The pope weighed in with his "prayers." The people of the special olympics foundation from around the world were united in "prayer". And then she died.

So, what were they praying for?

If it was for her to recover and survive a rational person would surmise prayer didn't work. Naturally theists will say: "The prayer was answered but it was 'no'."; or "God heard our prayers but had a better need for her in heaven." the usual horse hockey steming from denial. But doesn't that just reduce prayer to a crap shoot?

If it was for her soul to be accepted by Jebus and taken into heaven...wouldn't her self proclaimed belief, her devout Catholicism, good works, and "God's" omnicient knowledge of these things already ensure her a pass to Candy Land? Afterall, she either met the prescribed criteria for entry to paradise, or she didn't. Why would god be subject to having it's rules over ridden/ it's decision influenced by popular demand or special request of imperfect beings?

Has anyone posed these questions to a Christian and ever received a reasoned answer that made one iota of sense to them?

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Amen to that!!

What occurs to me also is..if the freekin Pope weighs in with his prayers for one of hisflock, and even HIS prayers geta "no" or ignored, then doesn't that infer his diminished standing with Gawd?
and wouldn't it infer that the prayers of the common believer would hold even less weight with sky-daddy?

If I were the pope, I wouldn't make my prayer offerings public until and unless a positve outcome were realized. It's just good business.

OMJ - I would SO post that as my profile pic on my blog...if I weren't interested in keeping the peace with my devout Mormon in-laws who are pretty much the only ones who read my blog...

They probably didn't really pray. It's just a way of saying "Oh; sorry about your (impending) loss." It's a way of feigning remorse or sympathy.
I agree they they really did not sit and pray for this person. I think the real reason they say that they will pray for whomever is to make themselves look better in the eyes of others,as in:"See what a good person I am,I'm taking time out of my busy day to pray for you. Aren't I wonderful? See what a good xtain I am? I've got a straight shot to heaven now....And you don't cause you are not half as religious and close to god as I am. Na na,pray pray."

I have also wondered why people bother cause I found,from early childhood you can pray your ass off and it makes no difference.
Plus,if this god already has a plan, praying is asking him to change it...
With Catholics you get people saying rosaries which is literally thousands of "Hail Marys" and "Our Fathers" directed at the inflicted. The vast quantity of "doing nothing and thinking you are" is mind boggling.
Oooo lord, bless thine holy hand grenade so that I might blow thine enemies to tiny bits, thou hatath!
"Thou shall not count to 4 as this is one more than 3."
God: Every time I try to talk to someone it's "sorry this" and "forgive me that" and "I'm not worthy"...
This logic is sufficient and need not be questioned any further without repercussions. Thus saith the lord.




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