At Mihai's suggestion.

Please do not post links to some giant page full of expressions. This is audience participation, and links (or entire webpages copied-and-pasted) just kill the conversation.

I'll go first with some expressions for female masturbation.

Jilling off.
Feeding the bearded clam.
Pearl fishing.

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I missed these. I may have to take up Myyoni Yoga.
I told my girl friend about "Jilling Off" and she's been using the term ever since... twice a day
lucky girl, time is on her side
for me it story of good old days
There is culture of psychological denial of bodily happiness in the societies flurishing under influence of Islam. Most progressive of us will deny any wrong doing. I don,t know if it is a joke or pity but it is a reality.
At least I was a regular in my young days.
I'm feelin my age a bit too... But modern science kicks ass on the sex front!
"Feeling' my age"... nudge, nudge, wink, wink...
LOL... "What's it like?"
For a nominal fee, I'll send a link to my website.
"checking my email"
"being married"
Hahahaha! I had never heard "being married'.
It's more of a euphemism for masturbating frequently.

Also, I've always heard the term Jill being used for someone's right hand, where the thumb and index finger are the J, the middle finger is the i and the ring and little finger are the l's.




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