To see actual letters from my guilting grandmother please visit my latest blog post Grandma Guilt Letters at my blog I have PTSD and am on disability. Unable to leave the house without severe anxiety reactions -- flashbacks to sexual abuse, uncontrollable fear, fight or flight response. I use art therapy to deal with the pain and confusion of each day.

thank you for listening.


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I don't know if you do your art therapy yourself or not, but do you know there are licensed art therapists, music therapists, dance therapists, etc. out there that are trained in helping people in your situation. (I'm a Board Certified Music Therapist, which is where I get my info). Might be worth looking into :) Sending you healing thoughts. Gabby

Ugh.  What a horrible letter.  May I make a suggestion?  Next time you get a letter from her, leave it unopened and mark it "return to sender".  I don't care how old she is, she has no right to do what she's doing.  I also have PTSD and was on disability for ten years.  Still not really "recovered" but I'm finding my way.  I hope that your art therapy helps you and that you come through it all stronger and happier.

Candi, Your grandmother has her beliefs and you have yours. Just tell her you are comfortable with your beliefs.


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