Evangelical lawyers threaten an "all-out" Christian boycott of PayPal

(9/30/11) On their radio program today, Matt Barber and Shawn Akers of Liberty Counsel (the rightwing evangelical law firm and ministry) threatened an "all-out" Christian boycott of e-commerce business PayPal over what they described as "discriminatory" and "bigoted" treatment of several Christian ministries. Barber, an attorney who is the firm's Director of Cultural Affairs, said, "I guarantee you if they continue with this discriminatory anti-Christian policy which is bigotry, pure and simple, if they continue with this, there will be a mass, uh, I don't want to call it a boycott, but people, Christians, across the country, across the world, will be encouraged through a very wide range of Christian and pro-family organizations, to no longer do business with PayPal." Shawn Akers, Liberty Counsel's Public Policy Analyst, agreed (you can view a video of this at left).


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Remember the SBC boycott of Disney in the 90s? The lawyers can boycott all they like; regular folks will use FB to Like the movement and then post more prayers that FB sees the light.



I'm sure PayPal is quaking in terror over losing a few nutjobs.
How ironic; hate groups boycotting a online merchant payment system called pay pal which was/is? used by ultrarightwing organizations against anyone not white and straight.? !? could've sworn i read an article abt that

it's all money
that proves it. what god? the blood red or green dollar one?

The first boycott I remember involved one over Jimmy Dean products in the 80s, and that was because he had converted to New Age or so was the claim.


Seems like Jimmy Dean is still in business, making breakfast sausage. Mmhm. Whatevs, evan-jellies.

What is the SBC boycott?
"How dare you limit my ability to fund organizations that attack gays! You're impinging on my homophobia freedom of religion! Boycott PayPal! Ensure that you continue your right to dehumanize 10% of the population!"

As George Carlin said, God always needs money. These folks won't do anything to jeopardize the Religious Right's most basic principle: Get the money!

That'w why I predict there will be no boycott.

Yeah you are right - how will the tele evangelists get their money?
Point well made...I bet the boycott sinks into the sunset really fast when the rubber hits the road.


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