Evangelicals: "It's not climate change, It's Apocalpyse!"

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I agree with you, obviously, sbout the importance of learning and work. I have a feeling I did more than was healthy for me, but maybe not. We cant go back in time and change things.

I think the positive attitude is crucial. I cant say mine is always positive - maybe dogged determination. But msybe that is a form of positive thinking too.

 Atheist in FundyLand, everything you discovered about climate change is real. Will we be able to convince enough people of the approaching danger in time to make a difference? I don't think so. We have gone past the tipping point in so many ways. I would invite you to read some of the economists that I follow, but you are already discouraged enough. Just know that anyone who laughs at this information is a fool, believer or non-believer in god.

Now, what can you do? Well, you can crawl into a cave, curl up and die. Or you can look reality in the eye and figure out what you can do to make your life as safe, secure and stable as possible. You can take action, even no one else does. You can become as self-sufficient as you can, stop using fossil fuels, live simply, enjoy what you have, express gratitude for your life. Just stop and think a minute. You have a life! That is a precious thing. Not every fertilized egg is born. You were born, have learned many things, formally or informally. You have your senses to enjoy the things you see, hear, smell, taste, feel and you have feelings.

Don't squander them on fear! If you do, religion wins and you lose. Celebrate your life and live it as if this were the last day of your life. Then make each day you are alive full of joy.

Thanks for sharing. You exist as one who understands what a valuable thing we have in life.  

I'll have to think about this. I'm not sure what I will do.

Life on earth will end eventually no matter what action we take on climate change. In about one billion years our sun will begin to use up the hydrogen in its core and for a while will burn more brightly, raising the temperature on earth dramatically. Oceans will evaporate and all life will be extinguished.

The only difference is that by taking action on climate change now, we might enable earth's life forms to be transferred eventually to other locations and preserved. It may be that life is found in other locations already.

In the meantime the earth is vulnerable to significant meteor impacts that might render human life impossible on earth. We might go the way of the dinosaurs.

As individuals we will likely not live long enough to see any of these outcomes so the question is what responsibility we ought to feel toward the preservation of life on earth. I vote for trying very hard to save human life on earth, mostly because it willimprove life for some who have already been born and spare them a hazardous future, but I suspect most people will remain unconcerned and some will go on believing that it is all part of God's plan.

Agreed whole heartedly, but there is yet another reason for living frugally and helping to maintain the planet: it's simply a better and happier way to live. You don't need to be rich and powerful, you don't need a big house and lots of cars. You can be much happier without all that craving. Cultivate your garden and that will be enough.

I hope that your frugality pays dividends in terms of your personal freedom and contentment as well as saving you an enormous amount of unnecessary expenditure. I can't say that I do as well—I don't cook and as a result often eat dinner out. My biggest luxury is book buying. I shop online and stay out of stores most of the time. The freedom that comes from not wanting more of everything is lifesaving to me.

Good for you. We could all probably be more frugal than we are, but the main point is to get away from the consumerism that rules our present society.

I agree with you, Patricia. I'm the same way. I buy most of my clothes at resale shops. My wife bought me $35 jeans that are now not fitting me, but if they were $1.00 it would be more easily fixed and less of a problem. Name brands in anything mean nothing to me. I couldn't tell you one from the other.

The thing I understand least is car culture. Cars are very expensive to buy and maintain, but here is southern California people definitely want to have luxury cars. Cars are really the status symbol.

Now that I have reached the age of 79, no longer need to dress for work, and do not want to attract attention from any of the currently popular sexes, I am free to dress as I like. I try to look neat and clean, that's all. I don't have to impress anyone atall. For many years I had to wear suit and tie to work and it's nice to have that over with.

My neighbor has a passion for old Chevy Malibu convertibles. He owns three and they all look terrible. He spends countless hours working on the engines, etc. and as far as I can see only one runs and it sounds like a leaf blower.

Most of the families in my neighborhood have an SUV and a regular car. I can't imagine how they manage with kids to raise. Some of them are underwater, having bought their houses when prices were high. I bought when prices were at bottom. The real estate agents kept pushing me to buy a bigger house, but I knew there would be a limit to what I could manage in my old age on my own.

I drive a 2004 Monte Carlo. When it falls apart I will get another car, or when it costs too much to fix it on any issue.

My stepfather always traded cars at least every year. If they were not new, they were new to him. The simple fact that my wife had to have a car to replace the wrecked one, along with my daughter getting another car, was too much for dad. Early this year he bought a brand new car, had to borrow money to pay TTL on it, and finally had to give it up because he could not make the payments. He told me not to tell anybody this story, but I suggested that when he made excuses to others for not having the new car they would figure it out.

As for me, I'm writing this now and can't tell you what type of car it was. That's how much it meant to me.

This information is shocking but it really shouldn't be. Right wing fundamentalist religion (called Evangelical by some) has been trying to force Apocalypse for some time now. It's an ancient idea going back maybe as far as Christ returning in the disciples lifetimes. Once the Bible was put together it had a strong following because of that last book, Revelation. By the time Israel became a nation this belief had its modern following. Certainly denying climate change or any ill effects caused by it is welcomed by these believers. If there was a switch that could be thrown to bring "end times" on faster the believers would throw it.




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