Evangelicals: "It's not climate change, It's Apocalpyse!"

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I remember growing up some of my fellow Baptists were almost giddy, gleeful about the cold war erupting into nuclear holocaust. They were saying "see, this proves it" even though, in the end, no missle was ever fired.
arrogant, self centered, pompous, nihilistic, narcissistic jerks.

You hit it, Daniel. I heard similar things from Pentecostals and they all said "it won't be long now."

Such thinking is next to idiotic. Seth Rogen should make a comedy about this crap so we could laugh ourselves silly.

Michael, I can't laugh at stuff like this.  I can't even wish that I COULD laugh at it, because it means that stupidity, indolence and irrationality has won out over rationality and reason.  That's why 99% of modern comedy isn't funny to me, because it hinges on human stupidity.

And human stupidity is killing us.

Tell my daughter to lighten up, bud.  She's going to be living with this crap long after I'm worm food, and I don't care for that prospect one damned bit.

Freethinker, No! Don't lighten up. I do agree that we can find joy in the process of dealing with reality. Loren is so right, as he always is, it is our kids and their offsprings that will suffer. We will see it coming; they will live it. 

I am trying to prepare my grandchildren for what is coming and they wave me off. Laura told me we have to set an example for them to follow and teach them survival skills. Laura and Larry have cleared some forest in order to start a vegetable garden. They have a greenhouse. Neither of them has gardened before. However, they have seen me and when Laura was little, she was in the rows of vegetables and under the fruit trees we planted. She worked with me to control the pests and diseases of the garden. She knows how hard it is to grow the family food because she helped do it from age 10 until she married. Now, she sets the example for her two daughters and their families. 

I am learning permaculture and will supply information for Laura and Larry. Their cleared forest soil will have to be turned into food producing soils. They have their ability to learn and think, they have middle age stamina, they have a vision, they have all that they need to pass this information on to the next generation. 

Laura created a "Generations Garden" that has plants from my great-grandmother's garden, both of my grandmothers', my mother's and my garden. 

I think the hardest thing must be worrying about the kids. I never had children. Part of me is very glad considering what is coming down the pipes. I'm worried enough about my nephew and (of all things) my pet parrot. But at the same time, there are fewer things holding me to this planet.

One of the first things that crossed my mind was the horror my nephew and my cousin's adopted child will experience. I tried really hard to "corrupt" my nephew, but he only attended one year (or was it a semester?) of college and it doesn't count because he went to Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. Now he and his young wife work at the nuclear weapons manufacturing plant in Amarillo, Texas. I'm very disappointed in him. :(  Shame on me, but I've almost stopped talking to him. I'm that disappointed. He is more easy going than my brother, but his choice of career couldn't be less life affirming. I think I'd rather die than have anything to do with nuclear weapons.

You have hit the problem right on the head, Loren. I made the remarks I did because even here on Nexus some have thought that I'm coming through as "angry." Yes, I'm now the angry atheist. The truth is I'm just about as angry as you are and there's not much we can do about it.

Standing our ground and making this stupidity known is one thing we can do. Being very vocal about it is another. I even go online to comments sections to call people out. I post things making them appear as stupid as they sound. Just the other day I got 45 thumbs up. People do read these comments and I'm starting to believe we have more closeted atheists than we thought we had. Every little bit helps.

I agree Michael! I get more positive responses to the atheist comments than from any others that I make. 

If they want to think I'm an angry atheist now, what do they think of Christopher Hitchens? I just saw him on You Tube where he remarked that if "Jerry Falwell could of had an enema after he died they could have buried him in a matchbox."

Now I'm laughing so much I'm starting to have tears.

If we give in to fear, we lose. If we take each breath as a gift to be celebrated, we won't shrivel up like a prune. 

None of this is funny. I so agree with you Loren. The fact that we evolved to this point and a remnant still exists that will welcome the end times is worse than dying from nuclear war.

Death by stupidity, greed and delusions seems to be the destiny of Earth. 

Let's not let that happen to us. 

Loren, I didn't know that about you, but I agree.  Human stupidity is not funny to me either.

You're right. Human stupidity is deadly, even more deadly than I initially thought.

However, as Sam Harris pointed out, humor that ridicules stupidity can sometimes lead others to change their minds. I know that ridicule has helped me to change my mind about certain things. Of course, I'm more open to new information than most people because most people are bigger idiots than I am.




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