Eve and the Tree of Knowledge... Why are people not on her side?

This has been on my mind lately, hence my username.  This is my understanding of Eve's part in the creationist story: [just to say it, I know it's fake, I'm just wondering how people could be on "God"s side.]

God told Adam and Eve not to eat fruit off the Tree of Knowledge.  One day, a serpent told Eve that God was lying, she'd become more enlightened [or something along those lines] if she ate it.  So like anyone else, Eve ate one, and gave one to Adam.  They realized they were naked [that's just stupid.  What kind of person doesn't realize they're naked?] and got leaves to cover themselves, etc.  God kicked them out and punished Eve by making childbirth more painful than before.


???????? To me it looks like Eve was right and God was wrong here.  Why is Eve so often shown in a negative light for what she did????

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Cos ancient dudes wrote the Bible and wanted to make the woman the "bad" one. I guess o_o

I see where you're coming from, actually, though I don't think I'd ever actually thought about it before! Ignorance is bliss and all that, so I guess Eve ruined everyone's bliss or something, I dunno.

edit - I suppose it's like God being the overprotective parent (you know the ones). He was doing his best to shelter them from everything, but then someone from outside the bubble came in and gave Eve the scoop on the knowledge fruit. So she ate it and got in trouble. I guess it's one of those "obey me" things, but seriously Eve was just doing what people do.


ancient people wrote the bible and most other sacred texts...

MODERN people interpreted the words in the bible and other sacred texts incorrectly.

if one REALLY does the studying, one will get strongs biblical concordance and cross check the greek and hebrew words and what they mean before saying that the bible story meant "this or that"

in the bible..

the word used for god is often a plural word..

and there are DIFFERENT gods that did different things..

yahweh was one of the gods in that congregation..

many xtiaqns would say im blashpheming..but i challenge any xtian to debate this with me, ...i have a strongs concordance handy ;)

anyhow adam and eve is a STORY which is mostly allegory, and very little fact

She disobeyed God. That's it.

the creation story goes back much further than hebrew sheep herders

and it was not just a story to show why people suffer...

if you are familiar with dr oyibo and g.a.g.u.t. the ORIGINAL story of creation mimics science in a profound was...but only if one nderstands the key to the allegory..

without the key, people will read these stories and become retarded

This is a good obsevation.  The answer seems somewaht obvious though.  When you're starting a cult following, as all religions are, knowledge is not a good thing.  I have thought about this myself.  Then to top it off, this jesus character comes along and gets cricified to atone for what Eve did?  OK, I don't get it.  What's the connection? 

   Let's see, the god wanted us all to remain blissfully stupid.  Eve decided that knowledge was better.  The god gets upset, and lets humanity suffer for a long time, then sends his emmissary, (through virgin birth no less), to get killed to atone for it. 

   That's the way I understand the story.  Pretty loosly assembled if you ask me.  On top of that, "virgin birth", (parthenogenisis?), can not produce a male offspring.

   Someone should have told the ancients not to eat the mushrooms from the pasture.

This story is meant to tell us that a woman's childbirth pains are not god's disfavour or unjustice to women but are a result of a woman's sin.  

Such stories to explain away today's ills in a way favourable to god exist in scriptures of Hindu religion too.


Biologically seen, the survival of mammals including humans depends upon the willingness of the females to bear and raise children.   Animals do not think, they have no option to be either willing or not, they are the robots to their procreation instinct.
But human females have such an option, unless men succeed in depriving them of the choice.
Men through history knew, that their success in breeding and spreading their genes depended on their control of over ignorant women.
Evolution has made men physically stronger enabling them thus to establish control over women.  During all history and also at the time of the invention of the story of Eve and Adam, male power over women was more or less established in all societies.   Polygamy, male power over all resources for survival, women being the property of men, were common social situations.
The male can rape a woman, he can force pregnancies upon her, but he cannot stop her from aborting, killing or abandoning the child, that she does not want to raise.    This is the limit of a man's power over a woman's womb.
The fact, that the number of children is inversely related to women's eduction has well been observed in those modern societies, were women have at least legally equal rights and chances.
Therefore in addition to gain control over women, those men driven by the breeding instinct throughout history also attempted to keep women ignorant as a method to ascertain their willingness to breed.   They attempted to keep the women doubly ignorant.  Ignorant of any methods to avoid breeding and also ignorant of anything to do with themselves in life, that is more interesting and more rewarding than sacrificing themselves for their offspring.

The Eve and Adam story is nothing more than the religiously expressed advice for men to keep the women ignorant as the best method do their due to the survival of the species.

"M.K. - You claim "animals do not think.

I think you sould have adressed your reply to M .M. and not MK!


What better way for a religion dominated by men to make women look inferior as to portray them as gullible, untrustworthy and stupid.  When Abraham was about to kill his son Issac god stops him but when Jephthah had to sacrifice his daughter god does nothing.

Religion:  Controlling people through fear and ignorance for over 2000 years.



By whom? God, satan or Adam? Check out god because the poor thing does not exist. Adam possibly promted satan to tempt Eve because he wanted to eat the apple without taking the blame. Right?


Lots of interesting takes on the whole Garden of Eden myth.  I've always taken it as a metaphorical fable that portrayed the beginning of morality in the mind of human kind.  Until Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the tree they had no concept of good and evil.  No shame, no guilt, no regrets just ignorant bliss.  Nothing was wrong so everything was right.  Truly a garden of Eden.  Then they eat from the tree, realize they are naked and it's off to the races.

Always seemed pretty simple to me although so many different meanings have been attributed to this story that I don't even try to keep 'em straight any more.

It's also the tale that started me on the road to atheism so I guess it will always occupy a special place in my heart.

I have always hated that fairytail myth ... It's been thrown in my face more than I can remember. So glad I left the xtain belief system.


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