Eve and the Tree of Knowledge... Why are people not on her side?

This has been on my mind lately, hence my username.  This is my understanding of Eve's part in the creationist story: [just to say it, I know it's fake, I'm just wondering how people could be on "God"s side.]

God told Adam and Eve not to eat fruit off the Tree of Knowledge.  One day, a serpent told Eve that God was lying, she'd become more enlightened [or something along those lines] if she ate it.  So like anyone else, Eve ate one, and gave one to Adam.  They realized they were naked [that's just stupid.  What kind of person doesn't realize they're naked?] and got leaves to cover themselves, etc.  God kicked them out and punished Eve by making childbirth more painful than before.


???????? To me it looks like Eve was right and God was wrong here.  Why is Eve so often shown in a negative light for what she did????

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Lots of interesting takes on the whole Garden of Eden myth.  I've always taken it as a metaphorical fable that portrayed the beginning of morality in the mind of human kind.  Until Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the tree they had no concept of good and evil.  No shame, no guilt, no regrets just ignorant bliss.  Nothing was wrong so everything was right.  Truly a garden of Eden.  Then they eat from the tree, realize they are naked and it's off to the races.

Always seemed pretty simple to me although so many different meanings have been attributed to this story that I don't even try to keep 'em straight any more.

It's also the tale that started me on the road to atheism so I guess it will always occupy a special place in my heart.

I have always hated that fairytail myth ... It's been thrown in my face more than I can remember. So glad I left the xtain belief system.

I'm surprised no one has jumped on the obvious contradiction.

Without any knowledge of good/evil, how could either proto-theist be held responsible for disobeying fictional sky-being's stupid rule in the first place? Without this knowledge there is no free will, as they couldn't know that not obeying was evil.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Fuckin' book starts off with nothing but plot holes…. stupid book.




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