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I believe there will be a lot of theist defections in the future.  Most of this can be directly attributed to the internet, and in particular, sites like You Tube.  Atheists are doing a bang-up job of presenting our case, encouraging people to start thinking for themselves.
I see the rising population of nonbelievers in this country as a potentially a double-edged sword.  Sure it helps the nonbeliever community grow stronger by deconverting some more moderate and liberal believers to our cause.  However, those believers that remain will be extremely devoted to their faiths.  Our rising population will also make many of them more determined than ever to stop us.  I'm not saying that there's no hope.  By mentioning this, I'm hoping the nonbeliever community realizes this and braces itself for a lot more attacks, some of them may be ACTUAL attacks.
If you click on the link it explains the whole poll numbers.  People who approve of god's handling of things barely break 50% in this country, while those who openly disapprove are at 9%.
No problem, what I wanna know is, what's the current percentage of nonbelievers in America?  The last I heard it was 17.5% or something along those lines and that was in 2009.

Andrea, has a statistical chart that is shows the different religions and their numbers.

  1. Christianity: 2.1 billion
  2. Islam: 1.5 billion
  3. Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist: 1.1 billion


These numbers are worldwide though.
I wish to see the end of the Dark Ages, which still haunt us to this day. My own observations, however, are, unfortunately, point to the fact that former Christians that realize that Bible is utter nonsense become various spiritualists and conspiracy theorists that believe in some other "great outside source" like the latest Ancient Alien theory show on History Channel, it's essentially a new, emerging religion for a lot of people who have stopped fooling themselves that they believe in a Bible. God is being replaced by magical Aliens that created people and guided our evolution, and some nonsense like that. I may be overreacting but some people close to me have made the transformation from believing in God to believing in Aliens that made humans in their image...
I like that show.  I don't believe in the theory that aliens had a hand in creating us, but occasionally you can learn some things about religions.  Like on the episode exploring the possibility that angels were inspired by aliens, I learned that the classics depictions of winged angels in Judeo-Christian mythology are yet another example of the Judeo-Christian faith adopting another religions myths.
It can be entertaining if you have a firm grasp on reality, especially archaeology, but for many people it's a source for a new religion. The conclusions reached on that show are all easily disproved by any real archaeologist.
True, and like I said, I don't necessarily believe in the Anceint Aliens theory, it's just fun to see the kinds of evidence they try to present.  After they try to present something as evidence, I google it to try and get the real story.  But you've gotta admit, the aliens thing is more likely than the traditional myths that say "god did it."
Yes, it can be useful at exposing how Christianity and other religions borrowed stories from more ancient traditional tales. I watch it sometimes myself, just because I like archaeology and sometimes I learn about an interesting archaeological site from there and then go on to find real information about it.

But it is important to remember that 99.99% archaeologists and astronomers dismiss these wild conclusions that they make. The people on that show are all about making money. The main guy behind this "theory" is Erich von Däniken a well known Swiss conartist.

Can you prove that Erich von Daniken is a conartist?  If I ever met one of these guys, I would have thing to ask them.  The show tells us about a theory that ancient aliens visited our planet in prehistoric times and gave them technology comparable to today's technology, such as light bulbs and planes.  But it doesn't answer the big question, if our ancestors had this technology in prehistoric times, why do we have to redevelop it all?  What made us forget this stuff in the first place?  But whether you believe it or not, one thing is for sure, the theories presented in the program are probably more viable than the creationist's "theories". :)




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