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awesome finds Mel!  keep em coming!

perfect!  did you see my recent post on Wolf Blitzer interviewing an Atheist?

totally made my day!

I saw that Matthew - thanks! I was so proud of her!

Now I know why I always get dirty looks when I dance.  I've been using the length of the World's Smallest Bible as a measuring guide.  There's not much room for the Holy Spirit, especially when I'm excited. 


Terrific ... I have a SWELL theme park I'd like to sell you, then.  Only problem is: it's a real Mickey Mouse operation...!

I know you were kidding ... that's why I'm gonna give you a REAL GOOD PRICE for it!

Thank you booklover for posting that.
Nice post book lover!!

Booklover, as always great finds! 

My favorite is the Jesus one saying if JFK came back would he want to see sniper rifles everywhere.  Excellent point!  Not to mention, Jesus as a pottymouth is priceless!




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