Ever have this fantasy? Someone happens to see an athiest related item of yours and converts themselves.

I guess its just wishful thinking or the need to feel that people just can't be that stupid. But sometimes I daydream that someone will see my keychain or a magazine or something and become interested in Athiesm and simply give up their religion because they have found something that makes sense.

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I fantasize about converting my moderate Christian friend. Unfortunately I ran my mouth off one time and got her mad at me. ^^" She's very level headed though, not even sure she believes in the ressurection, so I'm not worried about her.
It's called merchandise for a reason ;o) People see it and wonder what it is, some even go online and look it up... one thing leads to another and they start to want more information...

Every little bit helps! I find that especially the FSM parodys on the Jesus Fish get people to look online to see what the heck it is.
No one converts 'suddenly', but I think getting the word out there that there are atheists and they have good arguments certainly helps give believers doubts, or skeptics the tools they need to confirm what they were thinking already.
I would assume if someone "suddenly" converted, it would mean they were already Atheist and didn't realise it until they were informed that atheism exists.

... sorry to trample on your fantasy.

Here's another fantasy, Paedophile Priests being tried in a court with an Atheist jury, and an Atheist judge.
... and an Atheist for president/prime-minister.


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