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It is an interesting theory, that what is being observed is only 'real' because of the fact that it is being observed. I don't understand how the same 'real' is being observed by everyone who is observing it though. He mentions how schizophrenics see a different reality than those around them, so why do they experience that discontinuity in reality, and nobody else?

The article mentions multiple realms and consciousness, explaining that consiousness may exit outside your phyical body, and that your consiousness can just go on and on in all the different realms and dimensions. Then we are asked that question "what about your soul" and also asked "if the soul really exists?" Let me answer that for you.

Man believes he has a soul for basicly 2 reasons:

1. He dreams and travels about while he is asleep so,

2. Religion tells him he has a "soul" and explains it in a complicated way.

This is proof of a MIND. Not proof of other realms, universes, dimentions, or anything to do with god or gods and deities in any shape or form. I hope this answered the question.

Thoughts and mindframes are catchy and often shared, but it is impossible for everyone to have the same mindframe. This is why some people are being kidnapped by aliens.

To my view it is just another attempt to invest the notion of life after death with scientific validity. It is all highly speculative and not based on genuine observations. The public gets excited by scientists imaginings, not realizing the difference between speculation and established scientific results. Ever since Hawking's Brief History of Time, the scientists have discovered they can pay their children's college tuition with just  one of these books.

Simple question: has this been peer-reviewed, and if so, by whom?  From where I sit, this is right up there with The Secret and other related drivel.  Worse, it mentions quantum physics, which is supposed to prove everything and anything, if we're to believe the charlatans out there who name-drop it without having the slightest notion of what QP actually is.

But there are plenty of fatuous fops out there who pop for this load of horse dung, go "ooo" and "ahh" over it's polysyllabic gobbledygook while we look on and cringe.  SSDD.

Well said, thank you.

"Lanza points to the structure of the universe itself, and that the laws, forces, and constants of the universe appear to be fine-tuned for life, implying intelligence existed prior to matter."

Ah, the old fine tuning argument.  Need we read any farther?

If the universe is so all-fired fine-tuned, why is it that so much of it is hostile not just to my life but ANY life?

[sigh] Craig, there was a time when crap like that was funny.  Now it's just tiresome.

Philosophical conjecture by a scientist.

As a skeptic, needless to say I'm highly skeptical. Dr. Lanza may be a brilliant biologist. I certainly won't dispute that. But then again, Newton was a brilliant mathematician who believed in the black arts and alchemy. His Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica was one of the great leaps forward in human understanding of the natural world. He died without ever finding the philosopher's stone or turning lead into gold. Show me the evidence.

The publishing industry has caught on to the fact that heaven sells. Ever since the book Heaven Is For Real became a runaway best seller—over 3.5 million books and over 1 million e-books— anything that indicates the possibility of an afterlife is pure gold to publishers.Thomas Nelson publishers has never had a bigger book.

Heaven is For Real is the story of four year old Colton Burpo's three minute trip to heaven and back during emergency surgery for a burst appendix as written by his father with the help of Lynn Vincent, who co-wrote Sarah Palin's autobiography. Colton met John the Baptist, sat in Jesus's lap, and met family members he didn't know.

It was #1 on the New York Times best seller list. An illustrated kids version has been issued and the SONY Pictures movie version will premiere next month. This heart warming story has captured the imagination of all America (with a few exceptions) and made his family very, very rich.

I don't need to read it. I took physics, it is utter crap. Show me some numbers, then we will talk.

The End[period].




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