I have gained everthing I wanted from religion (in this world), purose in life, moral clarity, a sensible world view and peace with the knowledge that I will die.
The irony is that this is all because I became an atheist (after reading some of The God Delusion by Dawkins).
For anyone interested: I'm a 24 year old post-graduate geology student in Pretoria, South Africa and agree strongly with Ayn Rand's moral philosophy of objectivism.
Also I have not "come out", hence the name.

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What is the religious climate like in Africa?

For Africa in general an example would be Angola, which split when Southern Angola declared independence, resulting in a war over oil near the new border. The reason they split was to seperate the Muslims and Christians (they where killing each other).

In South Africa people are generally quite religious (eg thousands of people gather for the Zion Church's easter festival at Moria) and Afrikaans people (of which I'm one) have protestant Christianity as pretty much the basis of most of our culture (the French part of our ancestry came here to avoid being executed for not being Catholic).

Welcome to the forum.  I really like the ideal of Objectivism.  Unfortunately, using philosophy to determine actions in real life is like using freshman physics to predict where a molecule in a turbulent liquid will be 10 minutes from now.  Most philosophies have a kernel of truth as well as beauty to them.  (even the ones that contradict each other and the ones we don't like)  

In my opinion, atheism is about taking a real look at life and not blindly following any religious dogma.  I would also have to add philosophy to that list (not to follow blindly).  Test everything to verify that it works.  And then keep in mind what variables were fixed during the test.  When you don't have the time or energy to test out ideals before making a decision, don't be too surprised by unexpected outcomes. 

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