Well me, for a start. see here

Please stand up for free expression, it is under attack even in the "free world".

"tolerating intolerance is nothing more than cowardice."

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I remember doing this a while back. I am not sure, but I am thinking that it might have been to show solidarity w something particularly in t news at t time. I don't remember what for sure. I don't think it was t South Park censorship or Danish cartoonist. I remember thinking at t time that it was rather important that we did it for what ever it was we were showing solidarity w.

But you are pushing it again. Is anything particularly being censured or oppressed just now? Or is it an annual thing that has just come back around?

I'm not the only one who thinks this demonstrates an important issue. And it is not just cartoons, it is for freethinkers and artists regardless of their communication medium. The cartoon/drawing format is simply symbolic.


Brandi, you can't have a conversation with someone who wants you dead simply because you don't cave in to their belief system the second they present it.  Sadly, that's what a great number of the quran-thumpers out there want, and in some places in the UK, politically correct thinking is giving them the breathing space to at least consider if not exercise those threats.

This is where I say FUCK YOU to the muslims.  The instant they decide that I have to believe as they do is the same instant where they step about a light-year over the line.  If you want to talk about insults, Psalms 14:1 insults the daylights out of me, but you don't see me or any atheist threatening to behead someone on account of it.

They can fucking learn to TAKE A JOKE ... and if they can't, the horse is on THEM, not me.

Brandi, if you want to upset me, you're going to have to work one hell of a lot harder.  The whole point of EDMD is to show the mindless peons of islam for what they are - MINDLESS - never mind impotent at striking out at EVERYONE who mocks their precious prophet.  Originally, this was about one or two cartoons in a Danish newspaper, and these dweebs thought they could stop the cartoons by threatening the artists and the publisher.  Now there are thousands if not millions of similar cartoons on the internet.

The point is also this: when people take cheap shots as atheists, like so:

are WE threatening them with harassment, beheading, et cetera?  Not the last I looked.  And even the more sophisticated muslims who may not want to resort to violence still want to suggest that we have no morals, an allegation attempted once on Richard Dawkins with disastrous results for the muslim:

This is about FREEDOM OF SPEECH ... and yes, that includes Mockery.  If they want to dish it out, yet they can't take it, they remain the ones with the problem.



Hurt feelings don't kill people.  ACTIONS kill people ... and they are the ones apparently intent on committing such actions.

Oh, fer cryin' out loud!  LIGHTEN UP!  If you think some lousy internet conversation is going to get me all hot and bothered, you don't know me at all.  I'm 62 years old, Brandi, and have been dealing with people who wanted my goat (and failed to get it) long before you were born.

As for the cry-baby muslims, I couldn't give a rotten rip about their feelings.  They can't be reasoned with, so I don't bother.  The one purpose they serve is to show off their exaggerated irrationality for all the world to see, whether they realize it or not.  If they don't get exercised about cartoons, they'll find something else to get bent out of shape about.  It's what they do.

My one hope is that, over time and repeated exposures to EDMD and other suchlike actions and events, that SOME of the peons of islam will learn that They Are Being PLAYED ... by the radical imams and ayatollahs, by the people in power who use them as cannon fodder in their jihads ... and maybe, just maybe, a few of them will begin to think for themselves and cop a clue.  A long shot, I'll grant you, but it could happen.  Maybe it IS happening.

Until such time, I do my little bit every May 20th to thumb my nose at Mohammed and islam.  I won't be told to shut up or play nice ... and if someone wants to threaten me, they'll discover they've bitten off way more than they can masticate.

Well, call me unoriginal, but since the first EDMD, I've stuck with the same drawing:

Funny thing ... he doesn't look a BIT like Steve Martin.  Maybe he needs a banjo?

Here's my contribution.  Suck on this, Party of God!


in solidarity with all the people who are imprisoned or are under threat for criticizing islam : o<-<  = mo




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