Evidences that lead Deaf pastor turn to atheist.

Justin Vollmar  explained his evidences that lead him to atheism.


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Thanks! (Though in this crowd it's largely "preaching to the choir", so to speak, and maybe even to a few fellow ex-preachers!)

Another Deaf pastor posted a video, again signed with subtitles, "How to Respond to Justin Vollmar"; he believes that "Justin obviously never truly believed." (One of Hemant Mehta's "15 things to NEVER say to an atheist"!) "What do we encourage? That Justin will know the truth, and the truth, Jesus said, WILL free him!"

Seems like that already happened!

(And Mr. Vollmar kept his YouTube channel, "VirtualDeafChurch", with a twist: now it's a "Virtual Deaf Church for non-believers".)

Yes, HE was a very popular  vlogger ( video with blog) on deaf video websites on religious themes till everything changed. I think he doesn't want to lose his fans so he created clever YouTube channel, then fans would re-consider the views on believing God.




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