Whenever I am asked "why do you hate god?", I always want to express the fact that it is the Yahweh character who I don't like, and not me hating someone whose existence has been proven. So, I always want to say something like "I hate your god like I hate (insert an evil/unpleasant fictional character)", but I am not sure of one who fits the description and who also is well known by christians. Eric Cartman pops in to my mind, but I don't think people who would ask me why I hate their god also watch South Park. Do y'all have any suggestions?

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Why waste your energy in hating something that doesn't exist?  Now ... IF there were some kind of god and IF that god resembled the jackass of the old testament (a couple pretty sizable "if's") ... yeah, THAT GUY would be worthy of some venom.  As it is, said deity is nowhere to be found, and I don't expect to turn him up anytime soon.  If you want to give someone a truly proper description of why their precious deity is so rotten, I'd run with an old standard, to wit:

The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully...
-- Richard Dawkins

That is my point. The theist acts as if I dislike an actual entity named "Yahweh". I am saying I don't hate something I don't believe in. It is just the god character in the story that bothers me. You know, like when you are a TV show, and there is a character you can't stand. You know the character isn't real, but you develop a distaste for him or her within the story. So I don't really hate a god that doesn't exist, I just hate the character in the story. I was just looking for an analogy in movies/TV/books with which I could make my point.
Yeah Dawkins said it quite well :)

I agree. Why waste energy on hating someone who doesn't exist. There are to many things to be happy about in this life.

Cruella De'ville?  Lex Luthor?  The wicked witch of the west?  

Wannabes by comparison ... and you can throw in Zod of Superman and Superman II as it comes to that.  This guy creates several quintillion cubic light-years of universe, with very likely trillions of planets, so that he can focus and screw around with ONE LOUSY PLANET and its population ... which he supposedly also created himself, rather than let the laws of physics and nature do their thing.

He then gets all uppity about what they know (the Tree of Knowledge), their sex lives, their sex organs, what they eat, what they wear, even what they think.  This hotshot deity micromanages the crap out of them, gets pissed and tries to destroy all of them, excepting one supposedly righteous family, makes a bet with an opposing god (whom he also created) that another putatively blameless soul named Job will continue to do obeisances to him despite being shit on mercilessly, not quite up to the point of this poor schlub's death.

And then there's the capper, the ultimate scapegoat, a human sacrifice for all those horrible sins committed against an equally horrible god.  Just believe in this god-turned-carpenter and everything is hunky and dory.  This god must have thought that last move was truly the finishing touch ... because No One Has Heard Of Him Since!  No miracles, no visions, NOTHING ... unless you want to count the reports from Saudi Arabia some 600 years after that or the machinations of a con man in North America some 1,200 years after that.

The god of the bible makes every mustache-twirling villain, every megalomaniacal mad scientist, every power hungry monarch, emperor or usurping military madman look like a weak sister by comparison.  And this should be no surprise to any of us.  Yahweh is one jealous shit, even as Richard Dawkins said above.  He doesn't tolerate competition, doesn't want to hear about it, and no one even gets to strike for second place.

He is a one-off ... thank g ... no, I'm NOT going to go there!

I agree with Brandi. Believers seem to think that when you do not "worship god" that it is "because you hate him," and they even ask you "who do you worship?" They can't gt it through their heads that you simply do not believe and you are not worshiping anybody!

My general response is, "Why do you hate the night manager of the Chucky Cheese on the planet Neptune?"

To which he/she responds, "Well, that's not real."

TO which I respond, "Starting to get  clue, are you?"

I kind of think of god like i think of my ex-husband: I used to adore him totally, but there where some tiny seeds of doubt.  Then i started to feel let down by him, that he was not who i originally believed him to be. Then i really hated him for treating me and my family so badly.  The difference lies in the end result: I came to the realization that i could not hate god because he did not exist and it was silly to hate him. I no longer hate my ex-husband... but i still believe he exists... too bad cause he'd still kind of a douche! :)

I'm on the same page as you, booklover (see what I did there?--I'm a dork).  I don't necessarily have a particular phrasing I use, since I don't talk about it an awful lot.  But I do think that the biggest problem facing atheists is that the question is always phrased to essentially mean "why are you wrong?" To put it another way, it's essentially "why don't you believe in this thing you SHOULD believe in?"

I understand why believers have that mentality, but if the question were more like "what do you believe concerning the ultimate power in the universe?" ("that there isn't one," "that it's randomness") that would be better.  

As to the OP, I've never considered hating God, necessarily, and mostly because, as some people have suggested above, when one thinks of the non-existence of a being, it makes it, to me, impossible to "hate" that thing.  I think of him as a myth whose creators were a bit misguided and I do wonder where the "God is Love" mythology comes from when one considers the old testament. Thanks for your comments, booklover, and everyone.

How's about Ted Haggard?  Now there was a fictional character if there ever was one and I am sure Christians got no love for him at all. :)

As utterly stupid as he's been, I'm sure they'd prefer he went back under whatever rock he came out from.  Sadly, not likely to happen.




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