According to progressive creationism, God created the universe, life, and humanity, but he did it over a period of time billions of years long. As various species evolved from earlier species, God intervened periodically to give the process a helping hand. Without God's assistance, evolution would never have progressed as rapidly as it did on our planet.

Theistic evolutionism maintains that God only created the universe and simple life, not any complex form of life, including humanity. The idea is that after God created a very simple life form on our planet about three billion years ago, he departed the scene and allowed evolution by means of natural selection to take over.

Either way, it is GOD who is responsible for evolution and science does not tell this to us! Was Darwin wrong to neglect god's contribution to evolution?

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To be concerned with such nonsense is a bore, if the topics in this forum across the board are not of a higher nature, I'll be biding this site good by. 

This is by far one of the most ludicrous postings I've seen here - and it simply does not belong.

Madhukar, with respect, please don't post this sort of nonsense here. It's like french kissing your sister, it doesn't fit and it's not welcome.

Marc Draco

It is indeed sad that you should pick this discussion for such criticism. The attitude of the creationists and their gimmicks are a subject of our interest and there is absolutely nothing frivolous in this subject. Your anology is only unfortunate. Do you want to suggest that this subject is immoral? I very much hope that you do not mean this. You may like this subject or not, that is your choice, but kindly do not suggest anything that makes this immoral. That hurts.

Perhaps your argiment would be stronger had you not have skewed the original post with creationist bias because of the way it was constructed.

And in Marc's defence, this excuse is trotted out by creationists like clockwork as an 'explanation' of how religion and science are compatible. They usually make this claim with no proof. In their cases the Bible is rarely of any use to them n their arguments either, as they don't support evolution.

So in summary, it's a theory that would be interesting to dispute, if any evidence was put up in favour of it in the first place.

Harley Faggetter

I have no argument to make. This is just for the atheists to discuss the comments of ctreationists. Please also see my answers to other replies.

Why should atheists respond to every comment a creationist makes?

If a creationist attempts to purport something as true, fine. If he's misleading other people then it's more of a problem, yes. If he's claiming to have actual evidence, then the claims are worth investigating. Otherwise, such trivialities with little/no context are a waste of time to discuss.

Harley Faggetter

Why should atheists respond to every comment a creationist makes?


I rest my case.


James, stick with it, we usually get some pretty good stuff here - but the S/N has dropped a little as the site got more popular; an we just shed a loony quite recently as you might have noticed.

I think people forget that the clue is in the name (atheist nexus) and in particular that this is an evolution forum - although that often does not attract the most interesting debates.

@Madhukar: We DON'T need the bold text either - surprisingly enough, we can read here - strewth, I don't even know why I'm saying this as this sort of posting is about as close to Trolling as I've seen in a while. If you can't keep the supernatural out of your debates, have them somewhere else. PLEASE!

Ditto.  I thought I was at another site.  (I do miss Claudia, though, sorry)


Marc Draco

I have already answered your criticism above. Are you trying to say that you have not seen worse on A N? And do you know how many good subjects go begging for replies? I would have very much appreciated your HIGH values or tastes if this has not happened. This is a somewhat light subject. When I first entered AN, the first discussion I answered was " Can Creation and Evolution co-exist?" Was this a very serious subject? When the answer is so obvious, what was the need for such a subject? Why nobody objected to that or many such subjects? I have myself lamented the lack of interest shown by AN members s to many good subjects. What were you doing then? I never saw you coming to my help on such occasions. Please don't show off by berating others. Don't you also see that there are others who are replying to the discussion. Do you want to say that they are alla of pooor taste.

 The bold type has come only because of an error. Do you want that I should apologise to you for this? I think that this is friviolous point.

james boag You could have done it without making an offending remark here. That would have been like a gentleman.


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