According to progressive creationism, God created the universe, life, and humanity, but he did it over a period of time billions of years long. As various species evolved from earlier species, God intervened periodically to give the process a helping hand. Without God's assistance, evolution would never have progressed as rapidly as it did on our planet.

Theistic evolutionism maintains that God only created the universe and simple life, not any complex form of life, including humanity. The idea is that after God created a very simple life form on our planet about three billion years ago, he departed the scene and allowed evolution by means of natural selection to take over.

Either way, it is GOD who is responsible for evolution and science does not tell this to us! Was Darwin wrong to neglect god's contribution to evolution?

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What an interesting experience. What was mined? Did you find evidence of mastodons or ancient life forms once there or no longer there? Did you hear Inuit creation stories or their other traditions? 

I had some interesting experiences with Athabascans in Kenai. They had a rich history, beautiful art work, colors and patterns, they were wonderful story tellers, and their food was interesting: muktuk, uguruk, and pickled moose nose; and of course salmon and hooligan (smelt).

Muktuk is whale fat sliced into 2x2x2" chunks, raw or dried. It is kind of tender and crisp at the same time. 

Uguruk was seal flesh, not very good.

Pickled moose nose was gelatinous, kind of like pickled pigs feet. 

Well, back to evolution, did they share their history with you?   




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