I started thinking about this a little while ago.  I remembered that when I was with my ex, how he used to get so incredibly insulted that I would even fathom the possibility that we evolved from primates.  His angered, albeit entertaining defense was, "I am not a monkey!".  I don't know that that defense really had anything to do with his religious beliefs, I think that in his mind, if the evidence turned out to be irrefutable (in his opinion, not mine), that it somehow makes him less than human, less than a man.  What is everyone else's take on this?  Have you ever met someone who was so insulted by this?

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Yes, I know what the definition of rhetorical is.  The very first post in this discussion had my serious questions.  It seems to me that everyone else realized that I asked those questions in my last post were asked "merely for effect with no answer expected", everyone but you!

> why piss him off more? 

Would I be correct in assuming that his anger is a reason for him being your "ex"?

A major cause irrational beliefs is an emotional attachment to those beliefs.  If a person is overly emotional then they would need to deal with that for their own well-being.

Bottom line:  If he was as angry as  you seem to indicate, perhaps he was having emotional problems?

Yeah, that is part of the reason why he is my ex.  Just wanted to see if a lot of people have gotten that same reaction from theists.  I don't know if he necessarily has emotional problems.  For a while there he did struggle with his own thoughts and ideas on religion, then he was a "born again" Christian.  It seems to me that the idea of evolution pretty much challenged his recent conclusion, so that may have been the major part of the reason why he got so angry about it.

" I mean, we are not monkeys/apes now, so what difference does it make?"  We are apes now! Get over it. We are Hominids, that means great apes.  Why say you don't mind, then deny it?

That was a little uncalled for, don't you think?  When someone talks about apes, they are usually referring to gorillas or orangutans, or any other species of ape other than hominids, and that is what I meant when I was talking about monkeys/apes.  I don't know where I said that I don't mind and then I turn around and deny that I don't mind.  I thought the whole point of starting a new thread was to discuss a specific topic that the op is curious about.  If I would have known that someone was going to jump down my throat for no apparent reason, then I wouldn't have started this discussion to begin with!  So please....take a chill pill.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hominidae  When atheists discuss evolution with creationists it is important that we know what we are talking about.  You say, " When someone talks about apes, they are usually referring to gorillas or orangutans, or any other species of ape other than hominids, and that is what I meant when I was talking about monkeys/apes."  And this is why we need to have enough knowledge to refute such errors.  We, like Gorillas, and Orangutans, are apes.  We are great apes. We are Hominids.  Now.  

As The Nerd said, it was a really easy slip.....my bad!!  Get over it!!!  I will remember that when I actually have a discussion with a creationist, because I thought we were all like-minded people on here, as far as beliefs, or should I say lack thereof go here on AN.  It seems to me that everyone else knew what I meant when when talking about apes.  You are the only one that got butt hurt about it and started attacking me for it.  I don't know why you are citing your sources on here, I haven't challenged you on anything.  Also, I don't try and use words that I don't know the definition to, so I don't know what you think you were accomplishing by posting the definition of rhetoric.  Were you trying to make me look stupid or something?

be kinda stoked that we mutated 'away' from... but religion seems to put you right back to monkey level which ... you get my drift

I have come across this many, many times. People seem offended that we 'evolved from apes' but find it ok to have descended from the sinful adam and eve, with no answers on the offspring (2 males, no females) scenario, and yet they go to the zoo and think that the monkeys are soooooo cute.

My partner laughingly suggested that if monkeys were white they may feel better about it, hinting at racism in religion. I thought it a funny suggestion but if you live in Texas, you may be able to understand the truth behind his thoughts.<generalization only, I am not saying ALL Texans, nor ALL religious are racists....>

Religious people make me laugh at their superior place on this Earth.

Man is supposed to have been "created in the image of god," a separate and special creation ... yet our DNA is half a chromosome away from that of a chimpanzee, a fact I doubt any evangelical would take well to. Indeed, I suspect that, confronted with that fact, most of 'em would resort to ad hominem or insist you were going to hell or something else equally irrelevant.

Facts are stubborn things.
-- John Adams

I see this as an example of a more widespread problem with how we construct self-esteem in this culture. When people internalize hierarchy as the only possible social structure, they measure their self worth by rank - who am I better than? So men can feel superior to women, children, and animals because they have more power (i.e. force, ability to do violence to get their own way). The alternative is Partnership culture, an egalitarian "I'm OK, You're OK" where we measure self-worth on personal accomplishments, values, and desirable traits.

Even highly educated academics can be hobbled by hierarchical mindset. For example, I'm much enthralled by the explanatory power of Paul MacLean's Triune Brain Theory. Never heard of it? Of course not. Because the neuroanatomy scholarly community refused to take seriously work which showed human beings have brains wired like three parallel processors. Oh NO!!!!  Two of them, the Lymbic system and reptile brain, are animal-like (without language or symbolic thought). MacLean described the reception to his work as similar to denial. So your ex has lots of company, even among professionals who ought to know better.

We have this mechanism of just turning away from facts that make us uncomfortable. I find people who are egalitarian are less frightened by facts.



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