Too long for a headline.  also here.

Goes something like, Ex-gay Evangelical leader at International House of Prayer (IHOP) implicated in arranging wife's murder by a man who was one of many he was having sex with, because she wanted to make it known that he was running a sex cult and drugging her to have sex with other members who were raping her.


"Neighbors said they assumed the Deaton’s were holding “Bible study.”


(I assume it's only a coincidence that IHOP sounds like a place to get pancakes.)

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me too.  by the way, the pancake IHOP sued the prayer IHOP over copyright infringement.  i don't know what happened with that.

The suit was dropped in December 2010, according to the Wikipedia article on the fake IHOP, and was supposedly settled out of court. Not sure of what happened, however.

Here's the Wikipedia story:

There's a reference to a newspaper story about the suit that may shed a bit more light on it.




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