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This book "The People Vs Muhammad" apparently is having a huge effect in Arabic culture, and making more people come out as atheist. Has anyone read it?

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Gee whiz.  The guy seems a bit upset.  Can't imagine why.  He's only been lied to his entire life, and now that he's looked at his holy book from an objective point of view, he's recognized the mistake he made in believing it blindly.

Let's hope he's the first of many.

Too bad he was so emotional though it is easy to understand. Unfortunately this video will be used to (prove) that this book is poisonous. I was as confounded as he when I came to the realization Christianity was not true. Hopefully this book is a great step forward for us all. Is this book available in English in the U.S.?

Ah, the moment of truth! Lied to for 1,400 years.

Christians should be reeeaaallyyyy upset they have 600 more years of lies more than Muslims!

When the truth is revealed it is shocking to find that the leader of your religion is a pervert, a sick fool, and you've been brainwashed all your life.  And your parents before you, and your grandparents.  Learning the truth is shocking, painful.  This cannot be allowed out among the public.  If this  became general knowledge how many docile muslims would be left?  Who would serve the mosques, provide funding for the imams?  The truth must be called a lie, and lies the truth.  It's all too upsetting.

I wonder what's actually happening to the poor guy.  And his family.

Wow!  Now THAT'S a major rant.  The passion.  The anger.  The yearning for others to simply consider reason and logic.  We all know how frustrated he feels.

At this point I hope for his personal safety and well being.  You really can't get any more blasphemous toward Islam than that. 

I wonder how many curious people will have the opportunity to read that book.  As the female host stated, the book is full of lies, no wonder it's banned in the country.

To be honest, I'm surprised the moderators allowed him to continue for as long as he did before they started shutting him down. 

On the other hand, here's my devil's advocate opinion:  perhaps he was allowed to continue because the two hosts actually agreed with him, but in the end they are obliged to shut him up and tout the obligatory pro-Islam narrative just to save face.

When I've listened to interviews with ex-Muslims, I do get a sense of optimism that many Muslims see through the bullshit but are under the fiercest pressure to conform while living in a theocracy.  Not towing the party line can literally mean death.

Uh oh and double uh oh.

After writing my post I was interested to know more about the author.  I did a Google search and the VERY FIRST link at the top of the list (even before the author's Facebook page) was this Snopes article  http://www.snopes.com/arab-guy-renouncing-faith-television/ 

Apparently the video is real but the subtitles are fake.  It was all arranged by the author as a sly marketing ploy to sell his book. 

My Google search:  https://www.google.com/search?q=J+K+Sheindlin&ie=utf-8&oe=u...


Thanks for the compliment, Daniel, but I'm not wiser than you.  I believed the video to be authentic.  As I said, after watching it I was just curious to learn the background of the author.  That's how I stumbled upon the Snopes link (if one can, indeed, "stumble upon" the number one, top link in a Google search.)

That's quite a rant. I wasn't that bad when I finally realized that I had been lied to, but I did become very militant against Christianity in ways that make me pretty vocal on that nonsense to this day. Just yesterday another wise believer asked me online "what if you are wrong?" The blind followers cannot see that the very question shows their own doubt as well. Such is the nature of "faith."

It appears there are a few voices that are beginning to speak up in horror with the orgy of violence that everyone was forced to see with ISIS. Mostly calling for secularization and for keeping religion a private matter. Here;

And here




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