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I agree - their religion is like the dark ages.

I don't understand how people believe such nonsense.

Most all religions are like the Dark Ages.

Catholics just have better stage props.

And better costumes as well.

[sigh] Call me irresponsible or overly angry or who-knows-what ... but I see that picture and know that the thought-balloon does indeed represent what he and his cronies are about ... and I just SO want to put a target reticle over it, centered just below that stupid hat of his.

I am just sick to death of putting up with that brand of blatant yet approved stupidity.

Booklover wrote: >> Yes, and if they practiced what they preached, they should sell ALL that shit and give it to the poor. Like THAT would ever happen... LOL
----- -----
But they are practicing what they preach. Note John 12:1-8 (though the story appears in the other Gospels too) that Jesus says you will only have him for a short time but the poor you will always have, and rebukes the Apostles for suggesting they should sell the oil used to anoint his feet to give to the poor.

In John, the story has it that Judas would steal the money thus obtained, the other Gospels not so. But the crux of the story is that the worship of Jesus is more important than feeding the poor.

There is some argument (amongst apologists) that the oil being thus used was a cultural thing, that the woman knew of Jesus's upcoming fate at the hands of the Pharisees, and this was the cultural equivalent of buying a coffin or burial plot before you actually need it.

However, apologetics being what they are, the arguments on both sides of the theological question are unsupported opinion about an unsupported story. What the story relays is that worship is more important than feeding the poor. Since the story is in all four Gospels, it must be important to ignore the poor. (That might explain why, when I was homeless for eleven years, I got no help from Christians.)

See John 12:1-8 Matthew 26:6-13 Mark 14:3-9 Luke 7:37-50, with an inexplicable departure in the middle of the tale into the parable of the two debtors, then returning to finish the tale.

Not only is it in all four Gospels, but the books have it as Jesus's words. No self-respecting Christian would disobey Jesus (except when convenient to do so, as they are already forgiven).

Stephen Fry rips Rat-Zinger's Church of the Pious Pedophiles.

No matter how much they try to pull it back, human progress is oneway traffic. No going back, it got to go in the forward direction. 

I love his cap. I wish I could borrow it for a day or two.

Booklover wrote:

>>I'm sorry you were homeless for eleven years James Kz!  I can't even imagine. After I read your post I realized their religion is even sicker than I thought!

--- ---- ---

Yup, the Bible is the best source document to create atheists, properly read and understood.

As for my homelessness, that which does not kill you makes you stronger. Moreover, by an unlikely set of circumstances, had I not been homeless, I would not have met my wife on the Internet (a long tortuous trail that lead to her). So all bad things come to an end, in this case a good one.

As for the billboards, Christians do not view it as vandalism; moreover, they have precedent in the New Testament (Jesus turning over the moneychangers' tables and attacking them with a scourge). The Bible teaches that vandalism and violence (even in the NT) are acceptable, as Jesus himself did it.




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