I noticed a comment from a member the other day that said he had been troubled by some examples of what he perceived to be antisemitism on A|N. The examples were not supplied, but the member did equate, by means of parenthesis, antisemitism with anti-Zionism. I find this very curious but I wonder how prevalent this thinking may be. Many members, if not the majority, of the anti-Zionist movement are liberal Jews that are deeply vexed by the actions of the state of Israel. They are simply calling for an end to what many have considered to be Israeli-backed apartheid in Palestine. To be sure, the anti-Zionist movement does not speak with one unanimous voice. Does any movement?

Another common misconception that arises with criticism of the state of Israel's treatment of Palestinians is the belief that it's the same as glorifying or, at minimum, sympathizing with organizations like Hamas. There are rational voices, both Jewish and Palestinian, that decry all of the violence committed in this millenia-old conflict.

As secularists and atheists we can surely see the link between unconditional support for the state of Israel and deeply-entrenched religious beliefs about the role of Israel in "God's plan". Shedding such religious preconceptions may allow for greater clarity in approaching the conflict.

Please offer your views, no matter what they are, on this subject. With communication and openness, we can work towards peace for all of our brothers and sisters, Jewish and Palestinian.

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Nate, I appreciate your sincerity and passion. Also that of others here. As long as we try to communicate, and give each other a break when we disagree, we'll be OK. If it looks like things move beyond the point of no-return, I'll pipe up again.
I believe I referred to The Atheist Jew and JeffFlyingV as dumbasses, but I don't recall any comparable references to you.
From my point of view, there is nothing wrong with this discussion at all. The two seemingly separate views of anti-semitism and anti-Zionism seem to be a legitimate discussion topic and appropriate for the Race, Ethnicity, & Culture area in A/N. I don't think anything rude has been said except I think I was called a "dumbass." I'm a little embarassed that I wrote something very ignorant or mispelled something, or worse offended someone. I meant no disprespect. I'm happy to be learning, and I am not so invested in my views that they are beyond discussion.

I very much appreciate your comment and your insight from personal experience.
I was probably overcautious. I was also getting a bit confused between this and the other forum topic. It is a worthwhile conversation. Disagreement is always expected - otherwise there is not much to discuss. My main goal is to keep the conversation going and keep all of us learning. Thank you all for your continued openness and sincerity.
Is the conclusion that one can be anti-zionist without being anti-semite?
Is the conclusion that one can be anti-zionist without being anti-semite?

Depends who you ask.



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