Are Excess Testosterone In Men (the “warrior hormone”?) and Its Female Counterpart Poisonous?

NOTE, EXCESS TESTOSTERONE, NOT A NORMAL AMOUNT. (Whatever a normal amount is.)

Since natural selection probably produces species with varying amounts of testosterone, what amount of T is a reproductive advantage and what amount is a reproductive disadvantage?

A chat in a writers group, regarding sexual attacks on both girls and boys, inspired this discussion.

What say you?

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Now that I've seen the effect of testosterone inhibitors from close by, I'd say, let young people reproduce and put them on testosterone inhibitors after two children....

Hello Tom. There appears to be a consensus within the scientific community that high levels of Testosterone is not only linked to cancer, but also acts as a "cancer aggressor." That reason alone should be enough for some males to monitor their testosterone levels. Is there a link between high Testosterone and sexual attacks? - I don't know for sure, but I'm inclined to say "no." That would be a classic "nature vs nurture" discussion that needs more study in my opinion.


An interesting article, thanks, Manny.

I’ve heard that adding testosterone to increase libido in old men can cause harm, but don’t know how reliable the info is.

As for reproductive advantage or lack thereof -- fortunately we're not slaves to our biology, not bound to follow whatever "strategy" (there was no conscious strategizer or designer) led to more grandchildren and to more effectively replicating our genes and memes. Higher-order brain functions like reason and empathy have a say as well.

Slaves not to our biology (whatever it is), but to our hormones (chemical messengers if not chemical commanders).




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