Almost everyone everyone experiences existential angst in some form at sometime in there life. I find it much easier to deal with when I can talk to others about it rather than bottling it all up, sadly most people don't want to be reminded. If you need somewhere to vent your thoughts please post them here. How do you deal with your existential angst? What opinions do you have on life and death? What advice do you have for others experiencing existential angst?

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How do you deal with your existential angst?

I've never experienced that.

What opinions do you have on life and death?

It goes on without you.

What advice do you have for others experiencing existential angst?

Refer to ^^
You don't have to answer those specific questions they were just examples. Thanks for your input though.
Why thank him? He didn't provide any input whatsoever, he said he never had the experiences so he is in no position to offer advice on how to deal with them.
I see your point but I've always thought that was a bit of a flawed argument because someone that was never conceived isn't missing out on anything because they never existed. Unless you count sperm and eggs as life which I don't (I don't even think embryos are alive yet really).
Yes you are ;)

Now its my turn. I'm not sure I believe you die and thats it just because you were born in the first place. Reincarnation doesn't seem that far fetched to me but I don't think you ever live again (I don't believe in the soul) but other things do and the universe is one so you sorta live... Or you do... Or you don't
It makes sense in my head... SHUTUPBRIAN! We can never know.
One things for sure though nothing will ever be the same as living this life.

I think about this a lot, Maggie, how people die and their matter feeds something else to keep it alive...other life forms do arise because of you, but it is hard to conceive of never having consciousness again.


Sort of like how if things were a little bit off (if your parents "had a headache" one night or something) you wouldn't be alive. They might have had a kid some other time but it wouldn't be you.

My advice? Man(or woman!) up! :D

Yeah. People cant' help how they feel. Although to top off the existential angst, I also think about how I don't have any real problems, which makes it even worse.

Why does one's life need meaning? In most cases people can't define what a meaningful life is. Why waste your life trying to figure it out?
Strive to eliminate the pain in your life and get the most from the pleasure. Avoid guilt, debt and obligation because that puts control of your life in others hands. Be who you want to be because that's the only act you can pull off in the long haul.
Watch Monty Python's Meaning of Life.
I've never really thought about a meaning to life and never understood why people even cared. Why do we need a meaning? Having a meaning wouldn't really make me feel better and I don't really care that I don't have one. Life is just a random occurrence. Wanting a meaning makes sense if your religious because you would be wondering why god plonked you on this forsaken earth to fend for yourself rather than just whisking you off to heaven. To me life is a bit like... umm... Picking a scab, pointless, fun and sometimes painful. When your done with it you haven't gained much but that doesn't mean you wouldn't do it all over again. A bit of a weird analogy I know XD
Sounds wise to me.  As someone else somewhere in this site said, the hardest part about giving up religion is that guilt that constatantly annoys you between the time you first realize god is imaginary and the time you finally come out as an atheist and/or the time you finally get rid of this guilt and learn to find a life without religion.




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