So I was watching the Ten Commandments for a few minutes between shows with my uncle today and I realized something I'd never even considered until today:  

I took world history in high school and in college but never once did my teachers or textbooks ever mention that the jews were slaves in egypt. You'd think that in the USA, if there were even a little verifiable evidence, we'd learn about it in a world history class. 

I did a short search for evidence on the subject and only came up with opinions. Mostly the ones who say the jewish people really were slaves say that either the egyptians themselves covered it up so other slaves wouldn't get any ideas (which sounds ridiculous for so many reasons) or that our secular school systems are run by evil atheists who want to keep g0d away from the children (which also sounds ridiculous). Those who argue egyptians did not hold the jews captive make good points to support their opinions but so far I haven't come up with anything resembling a professional opinion. 

My inclination is to think that it was never mentioned because it didn't happen and I can't find much on the subject because there is no evidence that the jews were slaves in egypt but then again I admit to having a bias when it comes to biblical texts. Does anyone have any sources they'd consider reliable on this subject?



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There is no evidence from Egyptian sources that the Hebrews (specifically) settled in Egypt during the New Kingdom. However it was not uncommon for nomadic or semi-nomadic tribes like the Hebrews to migrate towards the Nile valley and delta and temporary settle there when their own lands suffered from prolonged droughts, and of course they were expected to work in exchange for food and land. One can assume that freely wandering nomads were prone to equate hard labor (such as plowing or brickmaking) to slavery.
Haha glad I wasn't the only one watching that last night! I don't really know much about exodus though... but watching The Ten Commandments last night has made me want to do some research. If I happen to find anything credible I'll let you know.
Google: passover haggadah for the secular Jew, by David Voron
O assunto que realmente levanta dúvidas é o fato de a Bíblia que se diz história do povo Judeu cita um período em que os judeus foram escravos no Egito ao passo que na história do Egito esse fato não aparece .Será que os Egípcios mandaram apagar de sua história as "pragas " (Rãs,e outras)a abertura do mar vermelho,
A Biblia é na realidade um livro de contos ,lendas e ficção .Nascer de virgem seria contrariar as leis naturais da procriação.
That's what I say, Dely!
A Bíblia não é um livro de história mas sim um livro que relata contos e lendas do povo Hebreu.
Na Bíblia o povo Hebreu era protegido por um deus chamado Javé ou Jeova .
Um deus parcial, vingativo, cruel e parcial e é nesse deus que os cristãos querem que o povo acredite e preste culto.
Please ask for the cordenator of the site another translator
Steve you are with the truth . Eu fui professor de historia e quando contestava aluno fanáticos evangélicos .dizia que se os hebraicos estivera no Egito não deixaram marcas importantes que merecessem alguns Hieróglifos
The alleged 40 years wandering in the desert is also BS. In an area that is favorable to artifact preservation there is no evidence that a large group of people were there for any length of time nor are there any records or evidence that a Hebrew army conquered anybody in the Levant after their 40 year desert hiatus.
It is all a made up history to legitamize the right of the Hebrews to the lands they occupied - right by means of conquest. The fact is the Hebrew tribes were indigenous to the area for centuries.
Good call on this question, I never though about questioning the legitamacy of it before. All I can say is that from when I know of human history it is very common for a more advance or at least a more established group of people to take over another group, and often enslave them. So I see this now in the same way as Noah and the Ark. Many civilizations have flood tales, so I'm sure many civilizations have tales of slavery by another group. So the Jewish slavery (whether it existed or not) is not uncommon to any groups history.
Indeed, those who built the pyramids were given their own housing, daily meals, medical treatment, it was a cushy job actually.
There is some evidence that the labor was a sort of public welfare for the long periods of seasonal unemployment in an agricultural society.




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