I think I'm getting to the point now where I'm just completely disheartened at any attempt to debunk evolution/darwinism because so many times, they are reduced to ad hominem and biased, pathetic attempts to win believers. As someone who likes to question things, I enjoy hearing rebuttals to what I think but they're simply becoming pitiful. In the movie, over twenty minutes of it is dedicated to visiting holocaust sites because Hitler's views on exterminating the Jews involved darwinism. The main idea of Expelled is that intelligent design is being unfairly kept out of scientific discourse and that anyone who gives it credence in the scientific community is shunned. I found it very bias and actually straying off topic a good bit of the time. The link for it is here if you care to watch it: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/expelled-no-intelligence-allowed/ I'd like to hear thoughts and opinions on what you guys think.

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It is a very dishonest documentary, if you can even call it such. There's a site called www.expelled-exposed.com or something like that that debunks it totally. A couple of friends of mine are still arguing with Creationists at Amazon because they wrote two reviews that were critical to the "documentary" and gave them both 1 stars... You should check out Adam's, it's uber long!
yes, I saw the film a while back... love how darwinism = holocaust extermination and leads to the "horrors" of abortion and euthanasia, and how Ben Stein = Ronald Reagan calling to tear down the Berlin wall!
I'll admit it was pretty damn funny at some points. The one thing I really liked was the really elaborate inner view of a cell until I found out they stole it from XVIVO.
Joe, Bro Richard and Co. I believe you you owe me about 90 mins of my time back.
When I should have been putting another coat of paint on my bedroom wall, I instead watched Expelled. This was on your recommendation (Ha!). Christ what hollow junk this movie is. No substance, rudderless and horribly insulting.
Joe and Co., so you know, basic magnolia, matt finish is my painting weapon of choice.
Feel free to drop by and finish my paint job, it's the least you can do. Ta!
Sorry to say I haven't watched it. Much as I like to not judge a book by it's cover, much as I promote reading/listening to what you disagree with, this is one book whose cover says it all.

Finding out that they resort to the Hitler-believed-it-so-it-must-be-evil tactic hits new lows.

Hitler also relied on the theory of gravity to drop bombs. Shall we therefore call gravity horseshit? I can devise a test or two to help Mr. Stein try and disprove gravity as well.




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