Experts are the new priests, so says Discovery Institute's Egnor and David T or

This is the mindset of a believer. Guess what David T? My happiness does NOT depend on invisible forces. It is a testament to your foolish mindset that you think I have traded one set of invisible things, like demons and angels, for others, like bacteria.

Hey Dummy! Get a microscope! Bacteria are not invisible with the right tools! In fact, whole genera have been classified, and many species within those genera! The taxonomy of these "invisible things" are so consistent that thousands of different people have independantly identified them repeatedly!

Not so with demons and angels.

Ask a Mycologist about fungi, and you get the advice of an expert. Ask a priest about demons, and you get the ramblings of a con artist. They are nothing alike.

I don't need invisible things to be happy. I am content with what I can regularly accept to be true about me and the world around me. Mister Egnor, next time speak for yourself.

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@Jason; the guy's a drongo, lacking the wit to even grasp the meaning of the term;"atheism",mistaking it for an ideology or philosophical position..

A bit disappointing; I thought the argument was going to be about the process of professionalisation,and the use of argument from authority,so beloved of apologists.
I suppose it is about the process of professionalisation ultimately. The analogies used in the argument, though, illustrate your point- they think of atheism as an ideology or philospohical position.
Actually, I think he's got a point about 'experts' being the new priests. Please, read me out before you start foaming at the mouth.

Firstly, the guy's a douche and he really has no idea what he's saying.
Secondly, I consider myself a science fanboy and I'm personally offended when it's compared to religion.

But, we have to recognize that, in the ears of the un-skeptical masses, the phrase 'because god says so' has become 'because the experts say so'. 'The bible says that' has become 'studies show that'.
And this is all perfectly OK. What isn't ok is the fact that there are people who would see scientist in the same unquestioning manner in which they see priests. To put it in other words, the same people who would have blindly followed the words of a medieval priest are the ones who now see scientists as the new priests. And this is bad for science, as questioning every study is essential for science to make any progress.

I guess this has to do with the commercialization of science, with every toothpaste brand waving around studies and saying 'three out of four experts agree...'. These people (the authors of these blog posts included) need to be educated in what science really is about. Using scientific-sounding facts to promote personal ideas or push products in the market is demeaning to it, and lowers it to bronze age mysticism. I've gone off-topic, but you get my point.
Definition of an EXPERT:

X (ex) is the unknown number.
Spurt (pert) is a drip under pressure.
OK no mouth foaming here. In fact, I even conceded to David that even today there is a big chunk of the population that does use "experts" in this manner. (Oprah anyone?)

And you are also right about commercials. Logical fallacies are often used to promote products. Argument from Authority is perhaps the most often used.

My issue really lies with how Discovery Institute takes this point and applies it to real science. In essence, they are accusing scientists of simply replacing the True God with some feeble substitute, because gosh darn it, we all have to believe in SOMETHING.


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