Because 'Good Planets Are Hard to Find,' Extinction Rebellion Shuts...

Extinction Rebellion has spread to 35 countries.

After thousands of Extinction Rebellion protestors shut down central London's five main bridges simultaneously, mass arrests were made. Check out the pictures and videos.

Be on the right side of history with the #ExtinctionRebellion or be at the end of history. This is a #ClimateEmergency.

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They should all go home, junk their cars, plant gardens and turn off all of their utilities.  THAT would be more impressive and show some sincerity.

Hundreds of people doing something together is more fun than my doing it alone.

I will happily join hundreds of others in junking our cars on bridges.

Dropping out would only work if the causes of climate change were not systemic. If only all climate problems were only caused by individual lifestyle choices like planting a garden, ... but that's not the real world is it?

. . . or be at the end of history?

Does whoever wrote those words mean the end of history for homo not-very-sapiens?

We are not very sapient.

Maybe homo pragmaticus.

We have had no major wars because our nuclear weapons can destroy even those who profit from war, and they want to live.

That’s real, far.




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