Extremist right-wing Americans find hope and structure in African lands...

Somalia's al-Shabab bans mixed-sex handshakes

Men and women have been banned from shaking hands in a district of Somalia controlled by the Islamist group al-Shabab.




at least we're not speaking German!

surely the teabaggers would have been ok w/that back in the day.

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There is not much that is more immoral then treating women like they are people too.


I am sure when this is brought up to those that suffer from OCOS (Obsessive Compulsive Orientation Syndrome) they will make up some nonsense about how this isn't what the koran teaches, even if it is in black and white text.

When will misogyny finally get to the point where it stops people from making babies??


By the title I thought this was going to be about the American right-wingers who have helped shape laws such as "kill the gays".

That would actually be pretty awesome.  Not only would the population be under control but the loonies would stop increasing their numbers.




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