Every day someone on my friends list is posting a prayer request or giving inspirational quotes. I never comment on them if they feel the need to believe in fairy tales more power to them.

With all this rapture talk I thought I would try to be funny so I posted this in my status :

As an atheist, I will take care of your pet after u get raptured. Non refundable cash deposit required.

My sister-in-law immediately posted this to my wall :


 i pray that u will someday soon u will realise that god does exist and loves u to.not ur charater but he loves.i love u.

Did she just insult my atheist character? Not very christianlike..

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If you wanna do something good on facebook in regards to religion, support this kid who is having the shit harassed out of him in his home town because he made the school remove its prayer from his graduation ceremony.  Its been posted on pharyngula, and it seems thousands of people are backing him up now~ but we could always use your help

The bad news is that was very insulting.  The good news is, she'll be raptured on Saturday and you won't have to deal with her anymore.


And if she's still around on Sunday, you can always tell her she wasn't good enough to go.



"What are you still doing here? I thought for sure you would be raptured. Have you been naughty in secret?"

I had a co-worker who was including me on email blasts of stories that they tell Catholic kids in Sunday school. "Little Bobby didn't go to church one week, and on Monday he got hit by a bus..." that sort of thing.


I had to tell her twice in no uncertain terms that she had to stop. It wasn't until the second time that I told her I was an atheist that she stopped. I then found out that she had been gossiping around the whole office about it.


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