"All FB friends please pray that my nephew's car starts in the morning. He has a very important job interview." 

Doesn't that sort of crap get annoying? I wonder if there have been any studies on the effectiveness of facebook prayer? I'm pretty sure it does absolutely nothing.

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I could almost join that group ... ALMOST.  I mean, I AM without Jesus and I do suck ... but now, I didn't say WHAT I suck, did I?

So whose fault is it that the nephew's car is a piece of junk? Is it a test of faith?

Fortunately I don't have any Bible thumpers as FB friends.

Another disturbing FB phenomenon is the existence of groups such as "Without Jesus I Suck!", which has over 200k members. There are many other similar ones.
I had a FB friend post that poem about her early miscarriage about the baby being to pretty for earth and went back to heaven. have you heard that? Of course my brain goes to thinking all the ugly people are the ones born, huh? I have had a miscarriage so I do know what it feels like, but I never got all upset like many woman do...I'm sure feelings about miscarriage could be a whole thread.
The FACT is that the fetus/embryo was too malformed to be viable -- it died because its decidedly unpretty body couldn't sustain life. But I'm sure that your friend's poem made her feel better. That's what religion is for -- a way to sustain hope in the face of all the crummy things life throws at you. Like, a way to avoid facing reality for what it is.

Somebody should have let the air out of his tires.  Then, when they post about him missing the interview because of the flat tire, reply "well, the prayers worked...after all, the car did start."  :D

stuff like this makes me want to leave facebook all the time :( sadly if i deleted all the theists from my page instead i would have maybe four or five 'friends'...yes i've deleted people for being too theistic on their pages lol only one persistant little bugger kept adding me back so she stayed. facebook sucks.

 Only having recently become an atheist though sucks worse. where are all the atheists? online, not living in my town lol

I hardly go onto Facebook for that reason and because I am totally disinterested in what folks ate for dinner or what time they woke up or the trivial thoughts that pop into their heads at any given time of the day.  I have family members that post things 20x a day.  Come to think of it, they don't work for a living (unemployed, retired and stay-at-home), so I guess they don't have anything better to do.

Facebook prayer is every bit as effective as real prayer. It's just that real prayer doesn't actually have an effect, so...





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