Did anyone actually check this out? I didn't because it said it would publish some shit on your wall, but it said I liked it anyways (which annoyed me greatly, it made me look so stupid!). It's also been taken down for abusive content so you can't check it out anymore.

From what I could gather though, it had something to do with some stupid Christian apologetics. But yeah, if anyone actually checked it out, I'm curious to know what lurked within.

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Too much facebook fries your brain!
i only have it so I can keep in touch with high school friends :P

I <3 bypassfanpages because I can find out the truth behind those groups.
Ah, then what I heard was right. Good thing it was taken down for abuse. :/
Yet another load of circular BS whose "logic" would never withstand even a cursory analysis. Theists want to think we're just a bunch of stupid bums, and it is one of my greater joys to disappoint them and disabuse them of their folly.




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