I just wanted to share a nice win on facebook. A friend of mine is having a rough time right now and posted a sad status. Right away someone stepped in with God Talk. The others are not organized atheists or anything and I was surprised to see that they shared my views.

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wow, thats awsome.  And, yes, it is insulting to hear someone say they are going to pray for you.  I really think more and more people are going towards atheism or at least rejecting  God and prayer, which is promising.
I still haven't joined facebook, heh heh. That string of replies rocks; it's encouraging.





























I got a chuckle out of this as well...


She would not be there if there was no God? Oh like 6 million Jews in WWII? Has she not heard of that? My DOG!!!
Even fictional characters are on facebook!
Wow, its funny how pissy people get when you explain facts to them.

A friend of mine from my High School class (who does mission work with her church) posted on her page recently "God Bless the Challenger Astronauts; Where were you 25 years ago when the Challenger disaster happened?"


I just rolled my eyes and simply noted how I heard about it (was at school, heard about it through word-of-mouth first, then saw the footage on TV when someone rolled a TV into the NJROTC room later in the day).


But the thought that first went through my head was "With 'blessings' like that, I'd sure hate to see his curses..."


...A more thoughtful/better educated theist might've said "God *Rest* the souls of the Challenger Astronauts" but "Bless??"


WTF?  What kinda blessing is blowing them to smithereens in the upper atmosphere....??

Definite Facepalm moment at any rate.


I've posted atheistic lyrics on my profile before and have lost some "friends" because of it. Oh, well.
Wish my facebook friends were all atheists. Mine are all mormons. A religious debate probably wouldn't go so well on my wall...but yeah, major win right there.

That's great! 

I'm sorry that your friend has no food though :(  I hope things get better.

I agree- can we get the poor guy some food?
I'll plagiarize a popular member of another atheist site when he said "I'll pray for you is the Christian F-You."




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