Do male atheists tend toward some sort of facial hair (mustache, beard, etc.) more than christians? I'm seeing a lot of facial hair in here. Or do men with facial hair respond more to this type of discussion?

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As some religious, military and business organizations have bans on facial hair/beards, perhaps we subconsciously associate the choice to wear it with freethinking and nonconformity? I feel naked without mine.
The bald scalp is a solar panel for the sex machine. :)
I think I may have to test this information at some point.
"The bad news is that the baldness gene is also linked to the other two. If you havent already noticed, there are a lot of bearded, bald atheists. Me for example."

Yup.I'm decidedly nude nutted too.

I began wearing my beard in 1977 to make me look older;I was 30 and looked about 16..

I shaved my beard off once ,about 6 months after I was married. My now ex wife screamed,and told me to grow it back at once.

These days I wear my Akubra outside. (the one in my photo) Australia holds the record as the country with the highest rate of skin cancer in the world.

There seem to be several reasons; our harsh sunlight,beach culture and the sheer stuffwittedness of people who can't seem to grasp that there's no such thing as a 'safe' tan.

On skin cancer in Australia:

"One in 24 males and one in 33 females will develop melanoma of skin by the age of 75.

Every year over 9500 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed in Australia and more than 1200 people die. In 2003, melanoma of the skin was the most common cancer in men aged 15 to 19 and 25 to 54 and women aged 15 to 34. It was the second most common in women 35 to 54 years."

Australia has a population of just over 20 millions.
I kinda got screwed on my gene allocation; I would love nothing more than to not have to shave, but the irish, german, and native american genes conspire against me. Think patchy, sparse, and a mixture of red and brown facial hair.
The upside is that I have a wonderful head full of hair.
You and I come from the same ancestry. Irish, german, native american. My facial hair looks retarded except in that magical five o'clock shadow window that lasts for a few days after shaving. :D On the upside I have a head full of insanely thick hair. hehe.
I'll trade you.
I have no facial hair,But my hairline is receding dangerously fast.
"You'll soon discover the pleasures raindrops falling on your uncovered scalp, appreciate the increased efficiency of your morning routine, and will be welcomed among the ranks of the air-cooled brains."

I still have a lot of hair around the edges of my head.

About once every 6-8 weeks,I go and see this nice French lady hairdresser down the road.She runs a number two over the dome,and insists on mowing my eyebrows,so there are two. She charges me $12,and we flirt in French.It's fun.

I have a small electric clipper for trimming the bear. I don't want a long hair as it would make me look my age. Nor do I want a pony tail; I think semi-bald,older men with pony tails look like pimps.

PS: It's my plan to apply copious quantities of red hair dye the instant I notice a single grey or white pubic hair.
I think facial hair is becoming more popular in general. My day job is at an inexpensive salon, about 90% of our clientele is male. I've noticed over the past year(roughly), that more men, especially young men, are sporting the Grizzly Adams look.
Over the years I have had long beards, short beards, mustaches, side burns, long hair short hair, shaved head you name it. It was just how I felt at the time. At present I am beardless and balding. I don't think there is any correlation between atheism and facial hair. There are religions that do have such requirements (Islam and some Jewish sects. That doesn't really square with atheism or critical thinking. Considering baldness remember:
"God is good, God is fair, to some he gave brains, to others he gave hair". LOL




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