Do male atheists tend toward some sort of facial hair (mustache, beard, etc.) more than christians? I'm seeing a lot of facial hair in here. Or do men with facial hair respond more to this type of discussion?

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I think facial hair is becoming more popular in general. My day job is at an inexpensive salon, about 90% of our clientele is male. I've noticed over the past year(roughly), that more men, especially young men, are sporting the Grizzly Adams look.
Over the years I have had long beards, short beards, mustaches, side burns, long hair short hair, shaved head you name it. It was just how I felt at the time. At present I am beardless and balding. I don't think there is any correlation between atheism and facial hair. There are religions that do have such requirements (Islam and some Jewish sects. That doesn't really square with atheism or critical thinking. Considering baldness remember:
"God is good, God is fair, to some he gave brains, to others he gave hair". LOL
I have a goatee. I think I look a little dopey without one.

Like in this image, I have a soul patch to compensate for the lack of a real soul. OK, it's actually a goatee…
Oh, this is funny. I'm stealing it!
I shave all the hair below my eyes.
I don't shave my legs or arms but facial hair.
I'm 28 and I might grow out my facial hair more, if when i did, I didn't look like a 17 yr old desperately desiring to be manly. I only have to shave about twice a week, and don't suffer from 5 o'clock shadow. I kind of laugh at the idea of myself having a beard, and that reminds me of when a few of my friends and I grew out mustache's as a joke once. We looked more like pedophiles then real men ;) and that was kind of the joke.

A slight majority of women I've talked to like the facial hair thing, to varying degrees. Some like the whole enchilada but most seem to just like sideburns and maybe goatee. Or the metro look with chin strap trendy thing.
Once again, Judith hit the nail on the head. Must be something in the water.

"If I were a guy I would grow out every hair I possibly could all over me, and revel in the relative lack of personal responsibility that constitutes. "

The other parts too. I've had a beard or facial hair of some sort for all of my post Army live. Except a couple of months here or there. Then I just get lazy and it starts to grow out. Then I figure it's too much trouble to rein it in again. Plus, it's environmentally friendly, not using shaving cream and disposable razors or electric razors.

Probably true about beards being tied to atheist. You never see an Orthodox Jew or Muslim going to church on Sunday. Otherwise, they would shave like other good christians. Oh, and Jesus. For that matter, doesn't god look like Santa Clause?
Might as well enjoy the luck you get in life.

tell that to the mormons
surrounded by brown people!
LOL, sigh

did I mention how much I hate those social terrorists?
I don't shave. I hate it, and always hated it. I tried having bits of my face waxed a few years ago, and swelled up for a few days. Never again.

I do occasionally trim my scraggly mustache hairs off, because it would look better as a full mustache, or none. More women bucking the convention would change things.
My husband never had a beard until he realized he was an atheist. I have no idea why that is and have never bothered to ask. I do believe his desire for one had an unlikely boost when my very christian cousin told him she hated it.



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