i started to read this essay thinking that it would be mostly BS.  i mean, facism, today?  i was sure the analogy would be a reach.  then i kept reading, and kept nodding, and it never got far fetched. 

my question, is he right, or is this confirmation bias?

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nice job Alec!  agreed completely Melinda.

The shame is that I have enjoyed Eastwood's film work to this point, but this business at the RNC did him no favors in my eyes at all.  I don't know what he sought to achieve with that stunt, but I have to believe that, in the long haul, it will do him no favors and indeed, a considerable discredit to him and his image.

Loren, here’s a good one on Eastwood if you remember it.  At the end of his big hit, Gran Torino, he plays an aging Korean War vet who was dying of kidney disease (I think it was.)  So rather than face the surgeon’s scalpel, he decides to play the martyr and tricks a gang of hoodlums into shooting him.  Which they do, only to get arrested for murder forthwith. 


In the very last shot, Eastwood lies dead on the lawn, blown away, but in the exact same posture as the crucified Christ with arms extended. Much like the Tim Tebow shot in GQ Magazine that we talked about. 


You should all be touched by this and start thinking about returning to Christ.



He's in your heart.  He likes to hang out in the right ventricle so Republicans can find him easy.



I like fossils, they are cool.  But Hank Williams jr. is another story.  His dad was a great singer.  

"...into a thousand years of darkness."

Hm-m, there was an attempt seventy years ago to make "a thousand-year Reich".

A popular song then began, "When the lights go on again, all over the world...."

Just because Clint Eastwood turned out to be a right wing nutjob doesn't mean you guys have to stop seeing his films. Hell, even Obama stated that he was still a fan of Eastwood's films and the skit was meant to humiliate and demonize him!

When it comes to famous people, you gotta mine through all the shit they said and did to find the gems.  Take Hitler for example, he was an evil and despicable scumbag, but he invented what arguably the most versatile production vehicle in history, the people car or the original Volkswagon.  They could drive anywhere, even on water, especially after being modifed.  Their frames could also be modified into baja buggies, dune buggies, and even lightweight aircraft such as the bubble copter.

Me too.  I can't watch films that feature people who I can't stand.  The film is fiction, but the person is still the person.  For the same reason, I can't watch the old Mel Gibson movies either, and I used to like those.  He's too much of a jerk.  I have trouble with films featuring certain celebs - it's just too annoying, even if the story line is good.  That's just me.  It's not a principle I follow, it's just my personal discomfort.

I've been aware of our evolution toward corporate fascism ever since I read Naomi Wolf years ago.

Here she is summarizing The End of America in 2007.

Ruth, once again you astound and impress me.  Who was the actor?  He was great.  Pulled it off without a hitch.  And the content!  "Orwellian" is the only word for it. 

Great writing.  I listened to it twice. 




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