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Ouch! Too close to reality.

Borowitz made his case without mentioning the GOP. Amazing.

Upon further research, a common mantra was discovered among those with this most curious resistance:

I know what I believe; don't bother me with facts!

Oddly, this sub-strain still makes a practice of looking both ways before crossing the street.  Overall, the study of this phenomenon promises to be most interesting, if frustrating to find causations for the logic (if any) employed by them.

This recalls the famous quote of Congressman Earl Landgrebe on the Watergate scandal: "Don't confuse me with the facts. I've got a closed mind." Landgrebe supported Nixon until the end and the following November the voters in his Republican congressional district chose a Democrat to succeed him.

This reminds me of an unrelated story. In the pre-9/11 2000s, a black Congressman was asked his opinion of G.W. Bush. He responded that "We owe him a great deal for singlehandedly dispelling the myth of white supremacy."


Facts are seen as some sort of wizardry, sent by the prince of darkness to mesmerize the incautious. How they must yearn for the good old days of heretical execution.

I have encountered this strain of human before and, unfortunately, I am seeing more of them. It's appears that facts which counter their worldview are automatically dismissed out of hand. In fact, they are also adept at twisting reality in order to perpetuate their belief in the supernatural, magic and imaginary friends.

I will be striving to keep this disease from my children. A good dose of logic, reason and critical thinking seems to be the only defense against this virus.

I'm currently debating with two such clowns, one is a fact resistant Catholic, who still clings to the childish idea that mindless objects and the universe have meaning (now called Promiscuous Teleology), and another who also believes the universe has meaning, but we are all just filtering cosmic consciousness and consciousness is not a product of the mind-brain.

The latter agreed that consciousness is just a subset of what the mind does and that mind is what the brain does, but, then claims irrationally that consciousness is not from the brain, but from a universal/cosmic mind.

A very confused person indeed.

He cannot grasp the contradictions he continually throws at me claiming they are knowledge and truth.



These are the types of people who live in mobile homes, have 2 vehicles with payments of over $600 per month each, always vote Republican, and claim that Jesus would not want anything given to the poor. I know the type well, but must confess that I also live in a mobile home. LOL  (Just got a notice now that for the next 3 years my mobile and my half acre are going together for a monthly payment of $187. My bankers must care for me.)

I guess that is called bragging.

I know what you mean, Michael. I truly marvel every time I see a decrepit old vehicle with a Romney/Ryan sticker. As Einstein said, the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.

We don't have political favouritism from Xtianity here, many Xtians are swinging voters, because, unlike the U.S., much of the voting is on policies or personal sincerity of the leadership (will they get the job done?) in Australia, not religion, even the current leader of the conservative party here appears to be atheistic.  I cannot imagine GOP having an atheistic leader.

Many Xtians in a previous election decided to go environmentalist, as so often Xtianity is pointed out as being devastating to the planet, so many felt guilty and voted for the green party, which turned out to be a bunch of willy-crankers, who almost destroyed the nation, with trying to shut down all industries creating a carbon footprint and taxing people for the amount of carbon they produce or use, which cost those voting for them heaps.  I think their hands got burnt and now green has become a dirty topic.

The environment needs to be approached far more sensibly the next time.

Both major parties here are overlapping the middle ground and it is impossible to pick which is to the left or to the right.

They are almost carbon copies of the other party.

We need either an extreme left or an extreme right third major party to shake up the stalemate.

Then I'd love to sit back and watch the sparks fly as each party tries to find a position to distance itself from the other two!





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