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Don't go to sleep, DD.

Germany, Japan and Italy 75 years ago had big ambitions.

The US of A wants less. It will settle for a world that's safe for investors and the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) includes Australia.

True Daniel,

Those red herrings can look rather exciting and flashy in the sunlight.  :D

The real issues tend to look rather mundane and uninteresting, or many Christian and religious based lobby groups paint them as unimportant.

Evolutionary psychology tells us why we are born believers and belief is a default position, and it takes higher cognition to disbelieve, thus many societies and groups try to discourage the use of higher cognition, with the use of false dichotomy, slippery slope, ad hominem, straw-man and red herring fallacies.

We are constantly and deliberately bombarded with such fallacies, so that it is difficult for the average person to sort out fact from fiction.

I just opened a newspaper and on the first page was presented with ad-hominem attacks on a politician and a red-herring on stating that there is a lack of community participation in council projects, which is a red-herring distraction from the council's big jump in rates.



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