Does Donald Trump Even Know What the Donald Trump Administration Is...

Gary Legum makes a case that the Denier-in-Chief Elect can't control the reins of government, because everyone is forced to rely on Twitter and he doesn't even know what he allegedly Tweeted.

Trump: Who said that, when did, when was that said?

You said it! The previous day! In a press release

... Donald Trump has no plans beyond vague generalities and no interest in the details of his job. As Nancy LeTourneau has reminded us, he has always seemed to be more interested in winning the presidency than in actually being the president

... the feeling that there is a vacuum at the top. No one is in charge; there is no real head of state, just a collection of neuroses and insecurities being steered in different directions by . . . well, who knows? His chief of staff, Reince Priebus? His senior adviser, Steve Bannon? His vice president-in-waiting, Mike Pence? His kids?

The only constant is that Trump will take to Twitter or some other forum (like a press availability on the steps of his Florida estate) to make a public pronouncement. When he does, whatever he says will immediately become the marching orders for conservatives in government. With his followers mobilized, suddenly Republicans in Congress will be too terrified of their constituents to say anything more than “Yes, Mr. President.”

In other words, ideology and responsibility (as much as the GOP ever shows, anyway) will be sacrificed to Trump’s paper-thin ego, his massive insecurities and his need to dominate, to always be the alpha male in the room. Every new tweet becomes a reset of reality, leaving the rest of us scrambling to catch up.

The advantage for his allies, though, is that in between his intermittent spurts of attention, they can pretty much do whatever they want — grift, roll back regulations, tweet outlandish conspiracy theories, whatever.

...  the institutions of the political world are flailing around, disorganized and ratings obsessed.

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I've already given my assessment of what Drumpf is currently, at least pre-inauguration.  There are two of him: his public persona which we're quite familiar with, and the private face which few if any of us will ever see.  That second side is the Drumpf which had no idea he would succeed in his campaign, the side which is confronted with the fact that he has no real idea of what the presidency actually entails and is privately scared shitless of the future with which he is confronted.

The fact is that in less than a month, Drumpf will become responsible for the lives of over 330 million Americans, as 44 other presidents have before him.  I'm rather hoping that, upon entering the Oval Office for the first time, there is a remnant of the 33rd of that line, one Harry S. Truman, for him to discover and learn from, a reminder of that responsibility and that ultimately, credit or blame for the big-ticket issues this country faces falls on his shoulders and no others.  That remnant takes the form of a simple plaque which resided on President Truman's desk, whose message was at one simple yet most profound:

The buck stops with the president, like it or not ... and any attempt made by Drumpf to pass it will likely be noted and critically so.  And the question remains: can he take the weight?

...Drumpf will become responsible for the lives of over 330 million Americans?

Loren, that's what liberals do. As Florida's Alan Gray said during the House debate on Obamacare, the GOP's health care policy is "Die quickly".

"That's what liberals do."  What, you mean: be responsible?  Whether he cares to acknowledge it or not, Drumpf is stuck with that weight.  The questions remain: does he realize that and how well does he deal with it?

As for myself, I have no intention of dying, quickly or not so quickly.  It may turn out that Drumpf wishes that I and many others like me HAD.  We may not be able to choose what gets cooked in his kitchen, but we can sure as hell turn up the heat.

Trump will refuse to deal with it, Loren, and the GOP majorities in Congress won't hold him to it.

Fine ... he can face a shitstorm of public opinion, never mind the 2018 Congressional elections.  If you want to be a pessimist, go ahead.  Don't expect me to join you.

Great minds sometimes think alike. :)

[edit] And I still hold out a bit of hope that Republicans in Congress might do the right thing on January 6 and reject the electoral college's failure to do their duty.

GC, let's bookmark this discussion and revisit our posts after January 6th.

I agree with tom. Drumpf isn't capable of shouldering responsibility. Everything is somebody else's fault , or a bad mike. He will gleefully flail about, abusing powers he doesn't even comprehend, with alpha male posturing.

While his Breitbart-brained cabinet wreaks havoc over any possibility of progressive change.

For a while, Bert. Hell, we atheists might even stop pretending we are cats; we might unite.


And hopefully we can make Republican majorities in Congress feel the heat as well -- even if they've been putting party before country (the Republican electors certainly did!!), the Republican brand might well be quite tarnished and discredited once tRump gets through with it, making it far easier for Democrats to win the 2018 and 2020 elections.

And to think, Pres. Reagan invited the xians to join the GOP without anyone's first counting them.

For the GOP, that was a blunder comparable to the perhaps mythic story of the Trojans who accepted a horse that contained a few Greeks.


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