Recently on a coworker's radio I overheard an advertisment for faith based health care. I kid you not.

Apearently the company is "La Health Care". This is in Louisiana, which we abbreviate "La." And we have a fairly heavy French influence, so "la" is a fairly common prefix or something.

This ad focused on how they treated the "whole person", I believe. Which I took to mean woo woo placebo bull crap. And that they were happy to take any state medicare money.

I told my theist coworker that I found that appalling. But he didn't see anything wrong with it. Despite my explanation that back when all there was was faith based health care, people usualy died befor they reached thirty.

It occurs to me that those running this operation maybe should be brought up on serious charges once their patients start dying.

And I am curiose what y'all think of this. Does anyplace else even have anything this backward and medevil other than a third world country?

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The only way that a woman with a hysterectomy can get pregnant is through faith.


Faith is also cheaper than Lipitor.   Much cheaper.

Sorry for the snarkiness.  To credit gods and prayers for saving lives is an insult to the medical professionals, caregivers, pharmacists, research scientists, taxpayers who support medicare and medicaid, and even the hated health insurance companies (sometimes hated for good reason), among others.  It's repulsive. 

i can see it now...


doctor's washing their hands with holy water before an operation...telephonic triage support with a "prayer expert" on the line..."nurse, hand me the Bible, King James please"...swearing in ceremonies for Doctors repeating the hypocrits oath - what would Jesus do...super sized crematoreums or morgues for the one's that got away...lecture by the top doc's in their system on "killing them with kindness"...


and so on...



If an adult chooses prayer,voodoo, chakra alignment, crystals, homeopathy, Reiki or some other "alternative" treatment for themselves I couldn't care less. It's their body and their life, and they should be allowed to control what's done with it.    I don't approve, however, of insurance and/or taxpayer (Medicare/Medicaid) money going to support such "treatments".   Only proven, science-based treatments should be covered.

I am incredibly computer illiterate. And so I am quite unsure I did this link thing corectly.

Anyway, It seems to me they have the right idea in Britain making it illegal to make claims such as these. I am way less inclined than I believe most of y'all to be to afford the state to interfere in peoples' lives. As I think the states' only legitamate function is to prevent force and fraud

Regardless, I think this is a legitimate task for t state as , as this artical explains, these claims do constitute fraud.

Otherwise I agree w Tara Benson in that it is an individuals right to engage in whatever "alternative" treatments they choose.




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