Here in Butte County California we are dealing with a horrible story. A couple in Paradise CA allegedly killed one adopted child and seriously injured another (still in intensive care). In an early news report a neighbor said they seemed such "god loving" people. Now we know that not only are they devout christians, but that they were exercising "biblical chastisement" as proscribed by a fundamentalist xtian group that advocates corporal punishment of children.

The web "ministry" they followed promotes physically punishing children with a plastic hose and starting "training" as early as one year of age.

Our local news report:

Non-believers should not let these atrocities go unrecognized for what they are, a disgusting, sad, and terrible result of ignorant "faith."

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What very disturbing parenting advice.
Disturbing? Definitely. Surprising? Sadly, not at all.
From the No Greater Joy website:

A reader asks: “My three-year-old daughter often screams when she is aggravated by the other children or when she doesn’t get her way. Is this normal? Will she grow out of it?"

It is an easy habit to break. When she starts screaming, before you find out who is at fault, without saying a word, go straight to the switch. Spank her where she stands, and then inquire concerning the problem. Explain to her that the screaming will never again be allowed. When she is convinced that screaming will never get the other children in trouble, never gain her any sympathy, but only get her a spanking, she will stop her screaming. You might just ignore any offense from the others when she screams; let it always be her fault.

What a way to raise a child. It doesn't matter what happened,or what is right, or what is fair. The only thing that matters is what I say, and I say no screaming. What a crock.
So stupid too, because it can so easily escalate and lead to murder, and unfortunately in this case it looks like that happened. Even with parents that keep their violent aggression under control, it leaves permanent emotional damage.

All in the name of god!
Of course when these stories make news the standard explanation is that this is simply an aberration; a lunatic fringe or perhaps cult organization.

In reality this seems to me to be part of a growing trend in extreme Calvanistic religion that embraces punishment as consistent with a God who can never be pleased because you are essentially a worthless piece of crap before him.

The standard denial will be that this is the practise of a cult or fringe xtian group that in no way reflects "true xtian values" nor the teaching of a kind and loving Christ who blah blah blah blahs.

Christianity is steeped in violence, self loathing, and guilt necessary as control devices. This child abuse is not an aberration as much as it is an inevitable outcome just as burning heretics alive at the stake was.
Child "Training"? What is this, The Sword of Truth Universe? Are they trying to raise children or Mord-Sith?
If you abuse a nine year old to the point the child dies that's murder. If you end the life of an unborn child that's OK. Am I catch'n on?
Do we know any hackers? A simple suggestion: hack that site up.
I agree. The point is to not allow religion to enable violence. It is very possible that this tragedy might not have occurred in the absence of support from religious dogma.
sounds typical to me
the mask that hides
the blurry decoy of 'faith'... abuse of.

like the Iranian uprising yells "death to tyrants..."
Other bits of wisdom from the website: don't let your kids sleep over at their friends' houses, don't let them out of your eyesight, don't let them go to Sunday school or field trips, and don't ever let them close their bedroom door.

If your kid doesn't fit in with other kids, it is your kid's fault. They must be acting like a jerk. Kids never come up with scapegoats or isolate the weird kid or anything. (Most likely, your religious fanatic parenting would be making the kid an outcast.)

If a kid complains about something being unfair, make things even more unfair so they'll stop expecting life to be fair.

Don't be a pussy. Hit your kid so hard they have no complaint left. After awhile, they'll be perfectly obedient and love you. (No they won't. They'll be scared to death of you.)




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