Here in Butte County California we are dealing with a horrible story. A couple in Paradise CA allegedly killed one adopted child and seriously injured another (still in intensive care). In an early news report a neighbor said they seemed such "god loving" people. Now we know that not only are they devout christians, but that they were exercising "biblical chastisement" as proscribed by a fundamentalist xtian group that advocates corporal punishment of children.

The web "ministry" they followed promotes physically punishing children with a plastic hose and starting "training" as early as one year of age.

Our local news report:

Non-believers should not let these atrocities go unrecognized for what they are, a disgusting, sad, and terrible result of ignorant "faith."

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Or they could just get brainwashed...I guess that's what passes for love in these kind of families.
Why do you think they have such a hard time understanding how atheists can still have morals? Their morals are all based on fear.
One issue that really is bothering me in cases like this and situations like the Dr. Tiller murder is the use of free speech as an excuse to avoid culpability while ignoring the issue of inciting violence. The example we were given is shouting 'fire' in a crowded theater. Free speech ends there because you are knowingly doing something with it that is likely to be damaging someone else.
Why is this not being better enforced in situations like these and what can we do to help draw attention to it outside of our group?




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