Hi -I have just joined this site with pleasure and relief. The more sites and groups that refute the idiocy of religion and promote clear thinking and reason are to be congratulated and supported. I have recently started a Facebook page called Faithless and Free which is attracting a rapidly growing following. Please take a look and become a fan if you support our aims. Thankyou in advance!


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Glad to have you!
Thank you - good to be here!
If you're in a region of the world where being Atheist is considered a negative thing, be careful of what you place on facebook. Turns out many employers like to use facebook to see who you are before hiring... so they can eliminate candidates without worrying about fair practices.

Luckily for me, Atheism is almost a social norm here in Ontario. Even then, you never know which bigot might wind up judging you based on your religion or lack there of.

Hence, why such separate social networks as atheistnexus need to exist.
Good advice! Especially as I live somewhere where atheism is almost considered a crime. However, fortunately for me, I own several companies and will never have to worry about what a potential employer will think of me. Notwithstanding this, I am proud of my atheism and will proclaim it whenever I am asked about it.




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