I can understand there are atheists of all kind, but I can't help but notice a hand full of "atheists", who pop up on a regular basis through forums, that are VERY in tune with ALL the irrational philosophies of the evangelist right. From the homophobic remarks, to a blatant support of politicians with very well known theocratic view points. I won't name, names, but they seem to only post with the intent to antagonize and derail conversations, rather than discuss. They use the very same methods and diatribe often seen by S.E. Cupp.

Are these people trolling, maybe testing to see if they can destabilize the forum conversations, or is It that some people fail to reboot their philosophies after leaving religion?

Any thoughts?

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I actually find most are very blunt, but polite.

You mean like that wack-a-doodle blog about gay island?

I say trolls...

That one was a gem.
Yeah I saw that one - I say troll.

I thought that would make a good reality show.  Then again, take a small island and fill it with heterosexuals and come back a couple hundred years later, and you basically have the story of Easter Island.

I think that writer was not smart enough to be a troll.  Maybe a republican presidential candidate?

Well if they are trolling on the atheist nexus, there is a good chance they are not real atheists.
Yup, I'm very aware, in fact, I can very much understand a fiscal conservative. But there are some who seem to go beyond being a passive conservative, showing more signs; the irrational bigotry, the support of known theocrats, the disragard of rational science and socialogy and the blatant intellectual dishonesty in how they argue. That's what I'm talking about.

You know, like those dumb irrational nuts who oppress gay rights, and say evolution is unproven. That's not just conservative, it's stupid. Though being an atheist might only be defined by the lack of belief in gods, there is a foundational view in the community that we should strive for a rational way of living which includes the scientific method and equality amoung all people.

Though being an atheist might only be defined by the lack of belief in gods, there is a foundational view in the community that we should strive for a rational way of living which includes the scientific method and equality amoung all people.

That's a little bit of hand-waving there, I think. The people who are "in the community, i.e. the atheist communities we see in many places now, are largely the people who are motivated by the Four Horsemen. I don't think I've met anyone on this site who hasn't read a book by either Dawkins, Dennett or Hitchens.

And yes, the people who read those books (and were drawn to them in the first place) are largely people who aligned themselves with science, rationality and equality. So obviously the community that comes forth from that is going to have those foundations.

But I'd be careful in assuming that that means that the majority of actual atheists believe that too.

Are the majority of atheists committed to a rational life-style? Of the people who chose to read the New Atheists' books and come to forums like this, possibly yes. But when we're talking about the collective group of people who don't believe in God? I think it's self-evident that they've done just as little work to make their life rational as the average religious believer.

You seem to be discovering that being an atheist actually isn't a very impressive thing to be. What ultimately matters is whether you value rationality, reason and intellectual honesty and things like that... And the truth is atheism is neither necessary nor sufficient for that.

Agree with John D.  The fact that an atheist has differing ideas on politics, economics, social policy, or sexual mores means that he/she has differing ideas than (maybe) you do.  It does not mean he or she is not an atheist.  One thing I would add.  Just because someone is an atheist does not automatically equate to a high IQ, or brilliant insight into the human condition.  There are some really stupid theists and really intelligent atheists.  Likewise, there are some really stupid atheists and really intelligent theists.  Atheist means lack of a belief in god(s).  Nothing more.  It's certainly not a synonym for intelligence.

See message above. It's not just about being conservative on some issues.

Crazy people can be atheists too.



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