I can understand there are atheists of all kind, but I can't help but notice a hand full of "atheists", who pop up on a regular basis through forums, that are VERY in tune with ALL the irrational philosophies of the evangelist right. From the homophobic remarks, to a blatant support of politicians with very well known theocratic view points. I won't name, names, but they seem to only post with the intent to antagonize and derail conversations, rather than discuss. They use the very same methods and diatribe often seen by S.E. Cupp.

Are these people trolling, maybe testing to see if they can destabilize the forum conversations, or is It that some people fail to reboot their philosophies after leaving religion?

Any thoughts?

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And it's so much easier! Not to mention money-saving!

I'm amazed at the allure of same-sex sex for some so-called heterosexuals.  It's like heroin.  They can't stop thinking about it.  The only way to avoid it is to be eternally vigilant.  It's sooooooooo addictive.  Just one touch, just one, maybe even just one look at an internet site, and you are hooked forever.  It's like, once you go gay, it'll never go away.....   Well, for some writers, of course, THEY cant be converted, but so many souls are so much weaker, they need to be protected. 

Unfortunately, homophobes are bad for the image of heterosexual people.  Their arguments are so stupid, it's like you are talking to a 2 year old.  It's maddening.


Unfortunately, homophobes are bad for the image of heterosexual people. 

This appears to be a comical argument assuming that all heterosexuals support homosexuality. The heterosexuals KNOW what is good for them.


Their arguments are so stupid, it's like you are talking to a 2 year old.  It's maddening.

I am in total disagreement with you. My actual experience is that it is the other way round. It's easier to avoid discussion that way.

Its so obvious that not all heterosexuals support LGBT people - in fact, the majority don't.  The existence of homophobes, and the presence of religious-based antiLGBT laws around the world proves that.  The statement that "the heterosexuals KNOW what is good for them" proves what?  It's an assertion of what?  This is the kind of language that is used by bigots.

There is nothing in the LGBT rights movement about wanting heterosexual people to do anything except to accept LGBT people for who they are, and to realize that all LGBT people have a right not to be persecuted, and should have the same rights and responsbilities as everyone else.  The fact that you are against LGBT people having the same privileges that you have shows what you believe.   Whatever else you are or believe, your attitudes about LGBT people show prejudice.

This really is like talking to a 2 year old.   It really is maddening.  I accept your right to exist, and your human rights - the fact that you don't accept mine tells me much.  

If heterosexuals knew what is good for them, they'd stop popping out so many kids.

Prog Rock Girl

Unfortunately, homophobes are bad for the image of heterosexual people.

My reply was for the above comment. Does your reply remain the same? This homo-obsession is going so far that I am already thinking of returning to my post on this subject. I can understand the homos getting angry at me, but why almost every atheist should become emotional on the issue,  as I have pointed out, neglecting other important issues they should address presently.

I don't think it's a gay obsession, I think it's a passion for fair human rights, which is one of cornerstones of why communities like this exist. And perhaps this is translation issue, but referring to gay people as "homos", is often considered derogatory.

It's not neglecting other issues by bringing up that one, nobody is saying its the only issue in the world.
No, no, you need to give up man love and instead embrace the warm, sweaty and often half naked man bound to a wooden cross, Jesus.

...um...nevermind. :)

Recently I met an atheist who accepts astrology and reincarnation!! Isnt that weird?

There are atheist religions in the world :)

And I'm pretty sure that before we had sky-gods we had mountain-top gods and before that simply spirits/wights and stuff like that.

"God" is but one of the irrationalities people have had throughout the history.

Sometimes people just need to believe in something .....


   You are correct, they trying to derail the train that is about to pass through their unstable base. The fear of falling from such hieghts must be terrorifing for them. Their strenght in numbers is dewindling and the voice that use to be well recieved is now falling on ears that have been alerted to their motivation of power prestage wealth and most importantly their insanity.

I'm no fake! There sure are a few indeed! Holy scriptures and debates over creation? whipe they arse w/it. We got the Constitution to uphold! 2012
Relentless, just like their bigoted corruptions through faith-fraud!


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